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ONE NIGHT is a FREE prequel to my new YA novel JUST FRIENDS, available now!

There's a party over at Jordan Tuttle's house tonight and everyone is there. Including...

Olivia: Who's leaving for her dad's house in Oregon tomorrow. So she plans on having the time of her life tonight with her best friends.

Dustin: Who wishes Livvy could see just how much she means to him.

Emily: Who's trying her to best to get with someone. Anyone.

Cannon: Who has an encounter with Em he won't be able to forget.

Amanda: Who's finally ready to go all the way with her boyfriend. 

Tuttle: Who discovers the girl he's always secretly liked just might like him back.

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Young Adult
September 23
EM Publishing
EM Publishing

Customer Reviews

Bookbruin ,

Don't miss this prequel to Just Friends!

Actual Rating 4.5 stars

I wish I had read One Night before jumping into Just Friends. Things make a lot more sense now! One Night is a short novella with multiple character POV's - Olivia (Livvy), Dustin, Emily (Em), Amanda, Jordan (Tuttle), and Cannon all have their own chapters. I really LOVED being inside of all the different characters heads and felt that this was the best part about the novella. The story itself revolves around the last night before Livvy leaves for 6 weeks and the party that they all attend at Tuttle's house.

One Night fills in a lot of blanks (and creates quite a few more questions!) and provides a little backstory/history for our characters. It also gives you more insight into why certain characters act the way that they do. It was hard only hearing and seeing things through Livvy's eyes in Just Friends, so I enjoyed the opportunity to view things from another perspective, especially Dustin and Tuttle's. In some ways, I am much more sympathetic to both Dustin and Tuttle after reading this, but on the other hand, I am more infuriated. I've got to hand it to Monica Murphy for making me feel all the emotions with this teenage drama!

I'm not sure though if a) I would have fully appreciated what was happening in One Night if I hadn't already read Just Friends, and b) if this novella would have intrigued me enough to start this series and find out more about these characters. Well, besides Amanda and Tuttle. ;) I found their story the most interesting and I'm really glad the next book focuses on them. If you read Just Friends, you definitely don't want to miss this prequel!

Ann s. Marie ,

One night

This was one of my favorite books by Monica Murphy. My number one favorite book.

mj_toth ,

Drama filled high school romance

I read One Night after reading Just Friends and loved it. I know the intention is to read this first but for me I didn’t think it hurt me to read it out of order. This solidified what I knew from Just Friends while giving me stronger back story on a few of the characters. It’s interesting that Cannon isn’t really part of Just Friends so I’m curious how he comes into play in the next part. I like him and believe he is what Emily needs but she is lost right now so I’m not sure she will ever give him a chance. Love the connection that Tuttle makes with Amanda – Tuttle just wants to love someone and be loved by them, something he is missing from his parents. Oh Olivia and Dustin, you know, Dustin thinks he’s told Olivia how he really feels yet, she isn’t getting the message. Communication can be a killer. And well, Emily and Olivia, are they friends? Olivia believes they are but Emily gives a totally different picture of that relationship. I love this high school drama, it feels true to life about the struggles of growing up, finding friendship and love and all the challenges both entail.

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