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Liam Wade is rich, successful, and has one big problem -- he's in the closet and heading for a society approaved arranged marriage.

Micah Adamson is the owner of a vineyard in Rochester NY, and has yet to find the partner he knows is out there for him. he believes in love and wants forever, and one day he knows he will find his 'forever' man. He attends a wine festival in Santa Monica, seven nights in a beautiful hotel on the beach.

Micah wants to show that love between two men includes affection, understanding, and can be forever. Will he make Liam see sense?

Fiction & Literature
June 6
RJ Scott
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hubbabbubbahhz ,

After ONE night … a decision … in … their destiny …

I ❤️ RJ Scott !
RJ Scott’s unique story-telling is wonderful !!!

A sorcery of manipulation in a spicy premise - scripted in a scenario, telling this story - about - the middle son of three, who is a member of a very prominent, successful, second largest Seattle Corporate Law firm of attorneys - who is converging on getting married in three weeks time. Liam Wade - has to get away! Liam would miss his five year-old daughter. A break - from the impending preparations forced upon him by his parents insistence he take an “arrangement” of respectability … A young beautiful socialite wife, socially, his equal, willingly, joining the masquerade, like a contract, as, part of the ruse his father demanded. This is what Liam had agreed with! One week away, just, to get away from Seattle, where every one knew the family; with his camera, in decompression mode, relaxation, forgetting who he was; to take photos of the beach environment, the children, bathers worshipping sun and water on the sandy beach, the excitement of a glamorous sun-kissed beach-town. Time-out, to think, to be LIAM, twenty-six and currently deep in the closet … decisions to make, judgements that would affect his and Emma’s lives afterwards

Their unexpected meeting on the Southern California Santa Monica-Venice sandy Pacific Ocean wide beach, where Liam has been sitting in the soft sand with his 35.mm Canon digital camera at his elbow; in a marathon of meditation, Liam’s mind mulling his impending future of compliance, satisfying his parents’ wishes; his eyes closed, unaware the ocean’s high-tide has been moving up … on-in-to … the higher grade of-the-shore-line.

Checking into the posh-beach-front Santa Monica Bay Hotel for his annual West Coast Vintner Conference, to meet-up with friends, to network with the winery-type people; his week to enjoy fun, away from his family’s New York Up-State winery. Micah’s sister Abbey, had said, “all you need is a hot tub and shower, with all kinds of fancy settings - but, all you‘ll really need is a hot man when you’re there and you will be all set!” - checking into his fifth floor suite, Micah laughed to himself, remembering Sister Abbey’s farewell adieu … “now, let’s hit … the surf !“ after landing himself on the sandy promenade… Abbey’s words, still resounding in his ear lobes!

Onward, skimming the azure blue ocean horizon, noticing the high-tide moving up-into-shore-line, there - sitting silently on the sand, a lonely figure seems to be napping, with a camera beside his torso … “does that guy know the tide is coming in.? the next wave will wipe him out.!” Micah sprints across the sand, just in time, swooping up the guy’s digital camera before the wave hits the napping dude! After skipping out of the high-tide surf, introducing themselves, Micah and his new acquaintance Liam split into opposite directions.

Later, after six, in the hotel lobby foyer, they meet again, as the wine steward passes complimentary glasses of wine to conference guests. After initially exchanging greetings, Micah and Liam agree to meet for a next day luncheon date. Becoming quick friends, Micah decides on plans for the two of them to explore local sights, with Liam eager to have a short fun relationship, a relief helping him dissolve his pent-up evasive future endeavors.


A classic decision…!
A twist in their fate - destiny…?
How … will circumstances change their lives, … forever …
……and ever after … ahhhhhh …
A lively fun romance of circumstances …
……… with a happy ending, no less !!!

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