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The motivating host of one of the nation's largest leadership conferences offers a collection of inspirational and applicable life lessons through conversations with various high profile people.

Albert Einstein once said, “To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.” What is true of science, I’m convinced, is true in all of life. Great questions are often the keys that unlock possibilities for human advancement. That truth has been proven again and again throughout human history, as great interviewers from Bob Costas to Barbara Walters have captivated audiences and ignited imaginations. In a world where the messages of public figures and politicians are carefully crafted by publicists and media consultants, we often receive only partial pictures and manipulated facts. The right questions uncover truths we might not otherwise know. They pull back the curtain on the wizard and give us a more accurate view of reality. —Excerpt from the Introduction

If you could sit down with the people you most admire and ask just one question, what would you ask?

One Question invites you to peer over the shoulder of a master interviewer with access to today’s best and brightest as he delivers carefully crafted questions and collects answers guaranteed to surprise, challenge, and inspire.

• What is Coach Tony Dungy’s advice for achieving success while maintaining integrity?
• What advice does Malcolm Gladwell give parents about instilling a work ethic in our children?
• How does President Jimmy Carter suggest we continue forward and reinvent ourselves in new seasons?
• What does Robin McGraw have to say to women about reaching their full potential both inside and outside their homes?

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April 2
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Customer Reviews

Mojott52 ,

This is the BEST book I have read in 2013!

I highly recommend this book for all the insightful answers to some very intriguing questions from some of the most amazing people today. This book reminds you to keep asking those you Love and want to know more from everyday. Ken Coleman reminded me to ask the right questions to the right people. So many great nuggets in here! And great references to other Authors, books and keys to a successful life!
Thank you Ken Coleman. Looking forward to more great books! Scott M. PDX , Oregon

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