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Jim’s seen his fair share of turmoil and tragedy. He lost his parents as a teenager. Became a father at sixteen. Lost his wife eight years later. And since then, he’s had to be a father and a mother to his daughter Kiera as she’s grown up. It’s not been easy.
But he’s had some help along the way. Kiera’s best friend Jadie has been with her since the girls were eight. Bright, bubbly and fiercely protective, Jadie’s been instrumental in helping Kiera to overcome her grief. And now, a decade on, the difficult times are behind them. The girls are eighteen: each beautiful in their own way, both happy and both looking forward to a bright future.

But today, on this rainy afternoon, things are about to get complicated again. Very complicated. Because Jadie’s been harbouring a secret for a while, now. She likes… watching. And when Jim inadvertently gives her something interesting to watch, things are going to take a very unexpected turn. And, suddenly, she’s going to become a whole lot more than just his daughter’s best friend.

This is the first episode of Indecent Descent; Jim’s explicitly detailed, self-written account of his decline into debauchery. Here, he lays bare the initial, slippery steps taken on a road that will lead him from respectable, devoted, loving father to morally-bankrupt, teen-deflowering reprobate. Erotic, amusing and disarmingly honest; it’s a tale of one man’s hopeless fight against irresistible temptation, and what happens when that fight is inevitably lost…

Fiction & Literature
June 22
Jim Baines
Smashwords, Inc.

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