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The book title of part 2 is Identity. The heart, mind, and will of God is that we as the peoples around the globe know who God is, understand the love of God in that He deeply and faithfully loves you without bias, and that God wants you to come to a place of sincere faith where you stop running from God and take responsibility for your sins right now! 

How do we get our identity in the first place? By faith in God (Heb. 11:1–6 and John 3:1–18). 

Henceforward, it is by faith, trust, and hope in the LORD Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:8–10) by calling upon His holy name (Ps. 18:1–3), confessing (Rom. 10:9–17) and repenting (Prov. 28:13 and Matt. 4:17 and Mark 1:15) of your sins. 

True repentance (willfully and decisively forsaking our unholy anti-God thinking, believing, habits, speaking, and behavior) is the fear of the LORD in being sorry for your sins deliberately and turning to God asking for forgiveness while declaring with audible speaking that Jesus Christ is the living Son of God, raised from the grave on the third day. This is salvation, and it is free!  Do you know my friend Jesus?

Identity found in Christ and explained in Part Two helps us to answer the following critical questions that our teenagers and millions of peoples around the world are asking right now: 


Who am I? What is my identity? What is my name that no one seems to know or care about? Why was I even born in the first place? Why am I alive today? What’s the point to my life, and what is my purpose? Where do I fit in? Where am I? Why should I keep living? Why should I care? Why should I not take all these drugs or slit my wrists/throat right now? Does anyone love me? Does anyone care about me? Does God see me? Does God care about me or love me? Where is God right now? 

The solution to our global identity crisis is found in the love of God through the cross of Jesus Christ. The power, grace, mercy, and compassion of Christ is the only solution that can even begin to answer the above listed identity questions.

The identity scream is horrifying and real! Peoples around the world are screaming in their souls right now: “Just bring me to Jesus!” Only Jesus Christ can fill our souls. Not money, sex, drugs, alcohol, or anything in this world can save our souls from sin or fulfill us with true peace and happiness. 

Pray before and during the reading of Part Two. Ask God what He wants to do with and through your life (Luke 8:21 and Luke 9:23). Praise the LORD (Ps. 150:1–6). 

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December 5
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