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You’ve known Harper Allen and Jakob Titov since you met them in Taking Shots. You know their story already, right? Ha! You only think you do. In One-Timer, they’ll tell it for themselves. 

Harper has been hurt so many times, and she has no interest in anything more than a one-time thing, but Jakob Titov has other ideas. 

He is looking for his forever. He has his sights set on a girl who is so good at blocking his attempts, she could be a star goalie in the NHL. Jakob is persistent, though, and he knows what he wants: Harper—forever. together, he knows they’ll make one hell of a team.

The last twenty years have been even better than they could have dreamed. But when their daughter comes home, informing them she’s giving up everything for a boy, they know it’s past time to tell the truth about the shutout they scored all those years ago to get where they are. 

It wasn’t easy. But sometimes, that one-time thing leads to a fairy-tale kind of ending.

November 26
Toni Aleo Books LLC
Toni Aleo

Customer Reviews

thebrowns24 ,

To good to be true.

What a love story for the ages. Every relationship has ups and downs and Toni knows how to put it into words. Each time she puts a new book out it is hard to put it down. Then you yearn for the days to go fast so you can read the next book. Toni you are so much better then your High School Principal ever thought you would be. I see this making it in the top 10 also. Love from Texas.

Kittycatknit ,


Beautiful is the first word that has come to my head both times I’ve read this book. This is Harper and Jakob’s story. But it’s not told in the typical way. This is the conversation that a lot of parents end up having with their kids, right around the time they have their first relationships. It is the honest conversation that parents have about how they got together. This book is so full of love, without being anywhere near chessy. This is a great book to give a deep boost to you soul.

Judy Hartley ,

5 star read

Throw your hands in the air and dance around, we finally get Jakob and Harpers story! Now like all Assassin fans I have been wishing and hoping we’d get a glimpse into this established couples story and boy did we, it was perfect!
When their daughter is about to make some questionable decisions it’s time for Jakob and Harper to bring out the “how we got together” story to let her know what a true relationship looks like. It isn’t easy and it isn’t a one way road. It takes work and respect and a deep understanding of how both people work.
Enjoy this funny and swoon worthy glimpse into the world of the Assassins we haven’t had before.

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