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Welcome to the Only For You Bundle Package! Get all 3 parts of the 'Only For You' series'!

Book 1


When genius college student David and jock ex-rugby player Matt are put together as college roommates, they're both in for a education that will change their lives. David's sheltered upbringing has left him socially awkward, a 80s fashion sense and a stick-thin physique. Matt decides to look out for the daydreaming student and teaches about some of the things he has missed out on. They quickly become best friends.

However, David's feelings for Matt grow deeper than just friendship. After a awkward encounter with a girl Matt sets him up with, David knows he only wants on thing.

But will David convince Matt to succumb to their desires? Or will it all end in disaster?

Book 2


David, the geeky genius, and Matt, the jock, are happy and experiencing real love for the first time. In the height of their "honeymoon stage", however, Christmas break sneaks up and they have to go their separate ways for a month.

Both struggle with being apart for the first time in months, while also dealing with parents who want to know about girlfriends and their futures.

David's family is more accepting so he comes out to them. But Matt's family is more traditional and very conservative, however, so his month long break gives him some moral doubts. When they come back to campus this divide begins to tear at the relationship.

And when David gets involved with the LGBT group on campus and attracts the attention of a its gorgeous leader, Joshua, the relationship begins to strain.

Despite the bond they have built, Matt's reluctance to be open with their relationship is driving them apart. When Matt's parents visit and set him up with a family friend's daughter, Matt is forced to make a decision. Under all the stress of his sexuality, he kisses the girl at the end of the night but realizes it's David he really wants. But David is already at the January Prom with Joshua..

Book 3


Matt has finally told his Dad about David and is dealing with his families anger and disappointment in him. He knew they wouldn't be as accepting as David's, but when Matt's father cuts him off from the family business he is devastated.

In the meantime, the two boys work on being more open with their relationship in public - its a struggle, but they both try and overcome their fears together.

Matt hasn't spoken to his parents since the confession, but one day he gets a call from his mother inviting the two boys to come spend a weekend at their family home. This weekend will test their relationship to the absolute limits. But that doesn't mean they can't have some fun, especially when a game of tennis turns very sexual.

Will Matt's parents accept their son for who he is?

Will their relationship last the weekend?

Will Matt show David his favorite make-out location?

Download today to find out!

Fiction & Literature
March 28
Leslie North
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Sabkiller ,

Love It

It is my favorite series, but it does not have the entire series in the bundle, there is a fourth book.

If the author reads this and can back to me I just want to know why did you put the bundle for sale in March when the fourth book came out in April?
Also, can you put the fourth up for sale?

Cajunjoe82 ,

It is Okay

It is a good read so far but several spelling errors.

maczero6 ,

Loved it

This was the first book I read that was gay themed and I am glad I did these two characters remind me of me and the man in my life Jose. Even though we are just starting off just like in the book. I have come out to my parents and he is still in the process of coming out to his ex wife and kids and his sis, his parents have passed away but he tells me he wished he had the opportunity to tell them. Jose and I are inseparable and truly love each other. This book just brought happiness and tears. Incredible book keep on writing and I will keep on reading.

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