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Oops He Got Me Pregnant! Part 1 & 2 - 10 Erotic Fertility Short Stories

Total word count 43,208.

Please note that each of these short stories can all be bought as a standalone single story, as well as in parts 1 and 2.

My Neighbour Got Me Pregnant, On My Front Lawn!
Beth has a massive crush on her neighbour, Robert, but doesn’t believe that a man as sexy and sophisticated as he is would be interested in an inexperienced nineteen-year-old like her.

Taken by the Boss
Anna wants a new beginning! She wants to forget about her ass**** of an ex who was only interested in his own needs both in and out of the bedroom, as well as her disappointment in not being able to start a family as she had longed for.
When she lands an interview for a new job with Jonathan, an old acquaintance, she thinks she has a shot at rebuilding a new life for herself, and she may be proven right in more ways than one!

Bred to Pay my Rent
Cindy finds herself in a difficult situation, falling desperately behind on her rent payments.
She means to convince her super hot landlord, Gregory, to give her more time to come up with his money but Gregory is not going to let her off that easily. If she cannot pay her rent, he is prepared to accept payment by another means!

Bred By The Man Of The House
Susan has always felt a strong attraction to the extremely attractive Richard. She believes that he understands her in a way no one else does. Not to mention that he has the power to awaken the deep, lustful desires within her. There is only one problem: Richard is her mother’s boyfriend, and she knows nothing can ever happen between them.

Oops My Professor Got Me Pregnant
Amy needs Dr Jonathan Clifford’s help desperately. She is flunking her literature course and needs his aid to improve her grade, not having the money to retake his class.
To her relief, Jonathan says that he is willing to help her out. But his help will come at a price and with some strict terms attached; she must work hard, listen, and obey him at all times as he gives her private tutoring lessons for a month.

Oops a caveman got me pregnant!
Amy had never really believed that her self-absorbed boyfriend John would ever build a time machine that would take them way back to the prehistoric year of 10,000 BC.
And neither would she have predicted that she would be subsequently kidnapped on arrival by a ruggedly handsome caveman.

Oops An Alien Got Me Pregnant!
Susan is driven to frustration by her boyfriend Jack who seems more content to spend all his time researching UFO sightings than seeing to her pressing needs and desires!
However, their relationship is to take on a steamy twist after they spend an eventful night out trying to achieve their first alien sighting.

Oops My Personal Trainer Got Me Pregnant
When Anna arrives at the gym, she is looking forward to starting the first of her training sessions that will see her transformed into a newer and better version of herself.
And it seems that she is in luck when she is assigned the super sexy Max as her personal trainer, who he is determined to give Anna a workout like no other!

Oops An Incubus Got Me Pregnant!
Claudia is happy that she has moved into her new apartment to mark a fresh start to her life, even despite hearing talk of a ghost already inhabiting her new home. But she is not put off in the slightest, thinking that any mention of the supernatural is absurd.
However, Claudia will soon find her beliefs tested when she comes face to face with the seductive Lord Malcolm Greyjoy the resident incubus who lived over a century and half ago and is now determined to make Claudia his completely.

Oops A Shapeshifter Got Me Pregnant!
Kate finds herself having a rather unusual week!
First she meets her super crush Marc on the bus to her work where he finally proceeds to ask her out on a date. But it does seem strange to Kate that he refrains from exchanging any contact details with her.

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November 24
Elizabeth Reed
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