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GEM: a privately-funded organization operating independently in the search for—and the rescue and recovery of—missing and exploited children. Although at times working in conjunction with law enforcement, GEM aims to ensure the victims receive justice…by whatever means necessary.


GEM Operator Opal; multifaceted, versatile, a chameleon.
She hides in plain sight, adapts, and infiltrates.

When Opal goes undercover in a youth center several teenagers have disappeared from, she’s shocked to find a ghost of her own traumatic past at the helm. However, her worry for the missing kids is greater than her concern being recognized and she risks her own safety to discover the truth.

To complicate matters, a familiar FBI agent shows up conducting his own investigation and almost blows the whistle on her. It takes some doing to convince him to join forces with her but as it turns out, they work well together.

In the course of uncovering an organized group of child molesters, they find themselves falling—for each other.

May 22
Freya Barker
Freya Barker

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

So good!!

This series starter was so good!! Opal and Mitch were amazing. If you've read this author before then you know her heroines are strong women who may have a bit of a need to prove they're capable. Opal is no different. I happen to love a strong heroine, and I also loved how she handled a few situations.
Mitch was just as great. I loved seeing what a great dad he is and I like how we got to see how much he had to fight his attraction to Opal until he finally gave in. The best part was the overall storyline that's the investigation into missing teens. I was enthralled with their investigation, but I will say some content was also pretty sad. I know things like this happen in the real world and I hate the that children are a target. I hope that they have people fighting for them just as much as Opal, Mitch and the rest of the gang fought for these kids. Great read!

pupichu ,

Great start to this series!

Book 1 in this new series and it’s off to a great start!

In fact jump in and go in blindly!

Actioned packed, suspenseful with a healthy dose of steamy passion and I was hooked.

A crime spree of a horrible proportions is happening and agents Mitch and Opal share more than intel and work help.

This author never disappoints with her flawless character development and her powerful stories that incorporate romance with crime solving.
We get mature, strong, no nonsense older everyday folk characters that are truly extraordinary!

Mitch and Opal are a couple to behold. They sizzled together and individually! Not only are they fine as frack, they’re good at what they do professionally and the work they have to do takes a very special person. How their story unfolded and developed was superbly executed.

A delicate subject given the proper attention and respect when these characters take over!

I have the best book hangover and I can’t start talking about this read without spoilers so just trust me this read it worthy of all the stars!

meggle50 ,

Such a great story

Such a great story that is a stand-alone but will be part of what I am thinking is a trilogy. “Opal” is the name used by Kate as she works for GEM helping to find and rescues missing and exploited children. During one of her cases she runs into Mitch who is part of the government group CARD who also work the same type of cases. When a new case comes up in her old ‘hometown’, the two unexpectedly run into each other again. The two teams end up working together to uncover what is happening to children that have gone missing from a youth center. As the two work together they also become closer and she starts to let him in sharing things like her real name with him. I loved the chemistry of these two. I really liked that they had real life situations to overcome. Mitch is a great father, but his job seems to take a toll on him more because of that I believe. Kate’s past has lead her to this job and makes her better at it I think. I like that this is a standalone but it seems the overlying story will continue to the next woman in the group. Cannot wait for more. Loved it!

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