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Ash Bennett's had enough. She's not wasting any more time longing for Prince Charming and getting stuck with Prince 'Babe, What's For Dinner?'

If she can't find a respectable, self-sufficient man to start a family with she'll just do it by herself. It's better than pinning all your hopes on a guy who's never going to make you happy. Take Dean Sherwood, sure he's stupid hot but that doesn't pay the bills or remember to pick you up from the airport. No, they're just having a little fun until Ash can find a donor. Right?

If only it was that easy... 

Everyone loves Dean. He's easygoing, a great footballer and always up for a beer or sixteen. He also has the attention span of a Cocker Spaniel on MDMA, but that's never been a problem where the opposite sex is concerned. At least it wasn't until he met Ash. Beautiful, driven and wild in bed; she's all he's ever wanted in a wife. 

Unfortunately, he's far from what she wants in a husband, what with his perpetually empty bank account and inability to cook anything other than bacon. When she tells him he's not baby-daddy material, Dean vows to become the man she needs, whatever it takes. 

Open Hearts is the sequel to Locked Box. It features angst, bogans, hot sex, naked snowboarding and the triumphant return of Max and Julia who are dealing with a romantic dilemma of their own.

October 13
Eve Dangerfield
Draft2Digital, LLC

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straighttalker198 ,


The girl can’t seriously think of raising a baby on a nurses salary. Nurses get paid decent for one person but not for 2. The guy is literally a hobo, he lives off his friends salary. The guy has a job that he isn’t licensed to do. His cop buddy should be arresting him for fraud and illegal malpractice. The guy literally is broke has no savings. A nurses salary can’t support 3. The girl would have 2 children instead of a baby daddy and a baby. Dean had no solution for the snowboarding video, he lied by omission. Dean also knows that he isn’t responsible enough to be a dad. Wanting a kid isn’t enough when planning to raise a kid. This book shows the worlds problem! Wanting kids with no way to raise them financially, thus poor families and many fostered kids.

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