Open With Care

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Unexpected guests come bearing gifts. This interstellar Christmas will be one for the ages…

Gini won't let her bickering family or the incoming blizzard dampen her holiday spirits. But nothing could prepare her for the uninvited houseguests. She's not sure if she's ready to exchange gifts with the man who broke her heart or the little green aliens on the roof. 

But the intergalactic visitors have a gift for Gini… a taste of the youth and love she left behind…

Jane MacKenzie has never opened a Christmas gift that transformed her world. At least, not until she accidentally opens a box to find a man who was lost in a blizzard over 100 years ago. Jane isn't sure how to handle the strange visitor and his otherworldly agreement…

But the Christmastime encounter may just open her heart to a love that can stand the test of time. 

Open With Care contains two sci-fi romances inspired by the spirit of gift giving. If you like simmering chemistry, snowy Wyoming settings, and family drama, then you'll love Genie Davis and Pauline Baird Jones' festive story set. 

Buy Open With Care today to discover why love isn't alien on Christmas!

November 10
Pauline Baird Jones
Pauline Baird Jones

Customer Reviews

kastan man ,

Christmas scifi fun

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Riding For Christmas
Jane is an orphan when she discovers her grandfather, who did not want her, recently died and left her the family’s abandoned ranch. She feels a connection with the ranch and discovers a ribbon-wrapped box in the snow. In the box is a crystal and when she touches it, it mysteriously returns Sam, who "disappeared" in an 1885 blizzard.
A beautiful tale of how the life and influence of one person can change the course of history for an entire region. Jane is the key to reversing the damage of an alien interference. She must decide if she can overcome her fear and hurt her past inflicted.

Up on the House Top
Gini is a Personal Assistant in Dallas and write science fiction on the side. She is thinking about writing full time. Right now she is driving toward Wyoming for Christmas with her kooky mother with her sister’s new teenage step children. When she shows up, her ex, Dex, is at her mother’s house. The lights are going out in her mom's attic, she has a strange gift by her bedside, and there are aliens on the roof. According to her mom, it's going to be the best Christmas ever.
Hilarious story and a great point of view for Christmas time, whether you are a teenager or kid at heart.

Contessajj ,

Loved this funny and heartwarming duo

Genie Davis' Riding for Christmas takes a story of aliens and time travel and romance and throws it all in a blender and makes a truly engrossing storyline. Jane and Sam draw you to them no matter the timeline, you just want it to work for them.

Up on the Housetop rocks, rolls, and rules Christmas for SciFi fans. Gini is a geek SciFi writer and even goes to conventions, how did she get stuck in a PA job in Dallas. Gini's mom Desi is one crazy character, add in the uber handsome ex Dex, and her recently married sister's step kids and aliens and all hilarity breaks loose. I could not put this story down. 5 bright shiny stars!

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