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An alarming pattern has emerged in our modern workplace; employees have little confidence in their leaders. The unprecedented overlapping and colliding of priorities, combined with fast and furious deadlines have wreaked havoc and caused lack of engagement. Open Your Eyes and LEAD is a call-to-action, providing leaders with the development opportunity to make smarter decisions with better precision. In workplaces across the globe, people are asked to deliver quicker, better, faster, and cheaper results. However, when we are rushed for results, we tend to skim-coat our actions, leading to diluted, lower-quality efforts and mediocre outcomes. Those who are perpetually involved in fast and high-pressure situations feel tired, stressed, and become disengaged. Some even compromise their values by taking the low road instead of the high road just to get ahead or to stay ahead. Leaders who model integrity, fortitude, and nimbleness consistently create value and yield an impact that is far-reaching. Putting more emphasis on creating a positive culture allows for increased collaboration, creativity, and efficiency. When people are excited, motivated, and engaged in what they do – when they open their eyes as they lead, the result is a chain reaction of smarter decisions with better precision. Open Your Eyes and LEAD shows readers how to become this kind of positive force in the world, and how to balance and manage the omnipresent tensions as we strive for leadership excellence. This book is uniquely situated to be embraced by different audiences - those searching to gain a higher level of self-confidence, understanding, and personal advancement so that they can become mindful leaders in their own lives; current and would-be leaders in the employer arena who aspire to leadership excellence; and both undergraduate and graduate students who are training to be our world’s newest leaders.

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November 5
Eclipse Publishing
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