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TEXAS MATCHMAKERS SERIES: From award-winning author Debra Clopton comes the Texas Matchmakers series—about three older women who set off a nationally advertised “Wives Wanted Campaign” to bring women to their small town of Mule Hollow to marry the lonesome cowboys. A far-fetched idea that’s working—look out fellas, the women are coming one car at a time!

Operation: Married by Christmas (Book 6)

When klutzy, runaway bride Haley Bell Thornton left cowboy Will Sutton standing alone at the altar she had her reasons…

Will’s never come to come to terms with Haley Bell leaving…especially not knowing why she left. When suddenly she shows up in town wearing a wedding dress and with another groom in her dust he’s not taking any chances on getting hurt again.

He vows not to look…not to let his heart want…but it’s hard not to notice her strutting around town wearing her high heels and fancy honeymoon clothes and waking up regrets and long buried longings with the sweetness that surrounds her.

Yup, he’s definitely got a problem and the fact that she’s old-timer App Thornton’s granddaughter and loved by the town matchmakers puts him and Haley Bell at the top of their hit list with a secret holiday plan to make decade-old wedding bells chime by Christmas!

Note: This book was previously published as Marry Me, Cowboy Enhanced Edition. This enhanced eBook edition includes some fun extras I know you'll enjoy! In addition to the text of the book itself, it contains pictures, audio and author commentary. You can read this enhanced eBook on any device, but if for some reason, the audio content isn't accessible on your e-reader, you can listen to the extra content on my website at www.debraclopton.com/audio-extras.

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album wall ,

Operation Married By Christmas

Loved the dynamics between the main characters.

Montana Brides Book 1 ,

Operation Married by Christmas

Wonderful story and without graphic sex. Thank you.

Dawn Pearson ,

Second Chances in Mule Hollow

Haley Bell Thornton is back home in Mule Hollow - at least for a few days. She's just left another man at the altar and she is worried about her grandfather, Applegate. She left Mule Hollow 10 years ago when she left Will Sutton at the altar. The man she hasn't been able to get over. The man who broke her heart. The man who suddenly shows up at her window when she stops because there's a trailer blocking the road. Can she explain to Will why she left? Can she get answers from him?

Will Sutton is shocked to see Haley Bell after so much time. He's still confused as to why she left him. But, as the town matchmakers keep throwing them together, can the two of them reach an understanding?

What follows is both sweet and thought provoking second chance romance. Now that each of them are more mature and have experienced life apart, they realize that there's still an attraction that is covered over by pain and hurting emotions. I appreciated how they tried to talk it out, even if it did take multiple efforts. And, I especially appreciated how they finally allowed God to break through the barriers and allow healing to happen.

Themes covered - the power of words, forgiveness, and a love that is not selfish.
Romance - PG - Kisses only
Language - clean
My rating - 5 stars.

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