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Are you ready to transition from being a beginner to playing an intermediate-level trader? Would you like to learn strategies that open your mind to new opportunities and enable you to earn more money regardless of the conditions of the market? Are you looking to build up a remarkable passive income in a matter of weeks?

If you've been trading options for a while, then the time has come to up your game in order to become a serious trader and start earning serious profits. Keep reading!

Trading options is a great way to grow your investments, build capital, and be profitable in markets trading. Options trading can be extremely lucrative for traders of all account sizes and skill levels.

After having mastered the basics of options trading strategies, you want to advance your skills and trade at the intermediate level. At this stage, you will engage in real-time trading. To do this successfully, you will need to learn about the mechanics of trades and more advanced spread strategies.

In Options Trading Playbook: Intermediate Guide to the Best Trading Strategies & Setups for Profiting in Stocks, Forex, Futures, Binary, and ETF Options, David Reese shares all the tips and techniques you need to take your skills to the next level.

By the end of this book, you will discover:
How to benefit from volatility when there are sharp and sudden movements in the markets3 smart ways for intermediate traders to get their feet wetKey intermediate strategies and essential trading tips for steady profitsThe insider's guide to managing option positionsAdvanced technical indicators analysisTips on profitably trading ETFs, binary optionsfutures, and Forex optionsHow to roll, manage, improve and otherwise save your trades from lossesAnd much more!
This book will open your eyes to the exciting opportunities that exist in the trading markets and teach you step-by-step the superior techniques that you can apply to become even more profitable. As a beginner, you already know that directional investments such as buying put and call options are great ways of getting started in trading options. Such strategies are great but can only make you so much money. You need to learn some strategies that can earn you even better returns.

Options have a bad reputation for being risky investments that only expert traders can understand. Not true, and with this simple step-by-step approach in this amazing book, within a couple of months of active trading, you'll become a professional and skilled trader who excels.

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October 20
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