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Specially formatted digital edition! It's Berkeley Breathed's final spin around the dance floor with his most quirky and endearing character-Opus. The Pleasant penguin has long been the moral center of the Berkley-verse, and nowhere is that as abundantly clear as in his own self-named book. Aside from our waddling friend, this book contains numerous characters readers will fondly remember from the days of Bloom County. This volume collects the entire run of Berkeley Breathed's Opus, from first to last, and features an introduction and running commentary from Breathed.

December 14
IDW Publishing
Idea and Design Works, LLC

Customer Reviews

mikokim ,

Pages still out of order

If you’re like me, and prefer to read comic strips sequentially and chronologically, the way they written, then this is not the version for you. More than six months after a previous reviewer pointed out the glaring pages out of order, this problem has still not fixed, so my low stars pertain to the iBooks version of this volume (curiously enough, this problem that not exist in the Kindle version; so why would the iBooks team want to fix this? iBooks consumers are entitled to the same quality as everything else Apple.

GatorBytes ,


Pages are out of order which makes it hard to follow. Avoid purchasing this product until it is fixed.

GeckoMike ,

Great Comic...

However the pages are not in chronological order in which the strip was published. By way of example strips will be one from 2003 and then on the very next page there will be one from 2005, this continues through out.

This is the same as a book with pages out of order, which is unfortunate. I can only assume Mr. Berthred intended "Opus" to have a narrative arc over the course of this particular run of comics.

I throughly enjoyed reading this, however until the issue of the chronological order is fixed the most I will be able to give this is 2 stars out of 5.

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