Ordinary Girl

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#1 International Best Seller!

She thought he was a nice guy…until he sold her. A relevant, cautionary teen novel about sex trafficking.


I close my eyes and pretend I’m not me anymore. I try not to smell his stale breath on my face or feel what he’s doing to me. It’s over quickly, and this one doesn’t want to stay. He stands, zips his pants, and leaves. He’s the last one of the day.

The shift seems harder than usual, and my skin crawls worse with each new man who enters my motel room. I want to leave, to run, but Tommy’s thug is standing guard out in the parking lot. 

And if he leaves, there’s always someone else. Always. There’s no chance of escape.


A harrowing tale of a high school senior who’s headed for college, but suddenly finds herself the victim of sex trafficking. Based on true-life accounts of survivors, Heather’s story reveals a dark and dangerous world where you can trust no one. 

Will she survive?

Young Adult
April 30
Tri-Cat Publishing
Pamela Gossiaux

Customer Reviews

A. M. B. 111 ,

5+ Stars!

Based on information from survivors of human trafficking this book shares the emotional manipulation and fear that are used to make victims dependent on their captors. Written with insight from a first person perspective that brings empathy without unnecessary graphics this heart-wrenching story is a must read.

Pamela Gossiaux grabs you from the very first word and pulls you into the story as she perfectly captures the vulnerability of a teenage girl broken and alone in the most horrible circumstance imaginable.

Heather sees college as an escape from a not so perfect life. With a mother who is depressed and addicted to drugs, she works hard on her academics and doesn’t date. She spends her time studying, working after school, hanging out with her friends, and hoping for that one college letter that will allow her to escape. That is until the perfect storm happens and everything familiar is yanked away in an instant.

Lured in by a handsome, charming young man who promises connections that could get her into Harvard, her dreams are shattered as she quickly realizes things aren’t as they seem. Drugged and sold into prostitution she’s thrust into a life that you only read about in the news. Suddenly the difficulties she left behind pale in comparison to her new reality. She just wants to go home.

This book is for all those out there who just want to go home. You are not forgotten.

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