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Join 21 different artists for manga filled fun!
Sakura Ikeda, artist of the regular Oreimo and Oreimo: Kuroneko manga series, joins twenty other artists in this collection of tribute stories to their favorite characters from Oreimo! Contributors include Shakugan no Shana’s Ayato Sasakura, Spice and Wolf’s Keito Koume, Sword Art Online’s abec, Strike Witches’ Shin Kyogoku, and many more!

* Includes seven full-color illustrations.

* The Oreimo anime is released in the US through Aniplex USA.

Comics & Graphic Novels
November 8
Dark Horse Comics
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Watcher Unity ,

Supporting what you Love

As a huge fan for Oreimo series, I really enjoyed this so much I would love to support my favorite series. But I would recommend this to the original fans of the series it’s something unique to have and read and give it a smile about but it’s not something to put a side of your new to the genre I would just say this it shouldn’t matter what anyone should say it’s your choice alone to love what you like, everyone has there own thoughts of what is considered right, by that I mean if you love something you enjoy then go for it and buy it even go as far as supporting them all the way. I’ve really enjoyed the series so much that I love this so much for its series mainly as a die hard fan seeing Oreimo or Tsukasa Fushimi works makes me excited to know the series still continues and happy to rewatch the anime or read the manga or light novels or games. Support your local Fandom inside your heart Thank you.