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This book is a pragmatic user’s guide to organizational culture change and leadership. 75% of Organizational Change programs fail because they are too conceptual and organization wide. This approach keeps change small, personal and focused on specific behaviors in peer groups of 10 trusted coworkers. The starting point for successful change is the validated Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument based on the Competing Values Framework by Cameron and Quinn.

Learn the best practices from a change consultant and engage and unleash your organization, too!

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January 10
Kikker Groep
Kikker Groep

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Questions about Organizational Culture? Answers that Work!

What a nice gift it was to read this gem of practical knowledge. As an OD Consultant constantly using the OCAI in order to diagnose organizational culture and as a basis to design changes that will result in real, permanent change , I think this book is a great tools to find practical answers that work to some of the most common questions that arise when we are in the field of organizational change. Chapter 10 (How to Organize OCAI Workshops In Your Organization) will really influence the way I am working with the organizations I am serving to; as well, the different cases presented contain very useful insight. Without a doubt: "Organizational Culture has an impact in the results of every organization, understanding and diagnosing it can guide us to wonderful improvements in performance... here and everywhere in the world!"

Jrafter65 ,

Great concepts for a practical diagnosis and delivery of change

In this book Marcella describes a model of competing forces that will help you better evaluate the cultural dynamics of any organization. Her model is simple, easy to explain, and easy to apply. I particularly enjoyed her demonstration of applying the model within several change contexts from a start up to a well established Fortune 500. Lastly, her "small trusted teams of 10" is powerful and helps the reader think through how they can "move the needle" of their culture change.

I highly recommend this book for change and transformation leaders of all levels and contexts.

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