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Books about business and organizations are not known as being a lot fun to read. As a matter of fact, some are downright dull and painful. I know because I've read a lot of them. This book is different. Where most other business books deal with the left brain of business this one deals with the right brain. This is your chance to really "air out" that hemisphere of your brain that you've been checking at the gate each morning. Where most business books take old ideas and rearrange them, this book is chock full of new and exciting ones. Ideas that will be useful to managers, professionals, teams, facilitators, engineers, product developers, marketers, and virtually anyone who would like to see an exciting future for their organization. Where most business books focus on behavior and results this one concentrates on thinking. And thinking occurs before anything happens. If you think dull thoughts there's a good chance you'll get dull results. On the other hand, if you think creative and exciting thoughts you may begin to get things you never imagined. This book will help you do just that. As someone once said, if you always use the same recipe, you'll always get the same bread. This book will give you a new recipe for organizational change.
Here are some of the topics included in this book:
Organizational Tensegrity and the Journey of Discovery. Create the Climate for innovation
Where New Thinking and Ideas Come From
A Left-Brain Look at the Right Brain: Creative Thinking Process Overview
Group Mental Gymnastics and Warm-ups
New Off the Wall Techniques for Stimulating Ideas
Getting Off the Beaten Path. Miscellaneous Organizational Braindroppings.
Scouting the Future
How to Be a Raging, Inexorable, Thunder-Lizard Idea Generator

There is also an extensive Appendix with some of the most interesting material such as a museum of bonehead remarks, creative titles, building a humor room, things to whine about, future trends and much more.

Business & Personal Finance
June 17
Lindsay Collier
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