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Love is a curse.

Three hundred years ago, Warin lost his humanity.

The night he met Thea was the night he lost his soul.

For more than two hundred years, Warin has roamed the wilds with only his blood brother Aleric for company, terrorizing villages and feeding on human life. Sating his dark hunger was all he ever cared for...

Until she crossed his path.

From the moment he meets his beautiful Thea, her emerald eyes and tender heart call to him like a siren’s song. But she is human, and unless Warin can uncover the truth of their connection, he’ll never be able to possess her the way he so desperately desires.

Enlisting the help of the Ancients of his kind always comes with a cost. Especially when Thea is revealed for what she really is: either a gift from the gods…

...or a curse on his bloodline.

Origin is a prequel novella to the Ancient Blood series. Although I only deal in Happily Ever Afters, we haven't reached the end of our tale yet, so make sure you pick up book 1 - Wicked Soul!

December 30
Little Huldra Media
Little Huldra Media

Customer Reviews

jlswainsboro ,


Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I'm literally bouncing in my seat! I love, love, love Origin, the prequel to a brand new paranormal/supernatural romance series entitled Ancient Blood by the amazingly talented Nora Ash. I've been a fan since reading her deliciously dark Demon's Mark Series four years ago, which was her first foray into the world of erotic paranormal romance, and have followed her blossoming career as Ash spread her wings and successfully tackled other subgenres. With the release of Origin, Ash has returned to her roots, and I couldn't be happier! Don't get me wrong; I love everything she writes, but no one writes dark paranormal romance like Nora Ash! Now, let me tell you why! Ash is a gifted storyteller and skilled wordslinger who excels at creating spellbinding storylines with vividly depicted worlds, then populating them with compelling characters who literally explode from the pages and capture your imagination as well as your heart. And this book/series is no exception!
Origin is a riveting, fast-paced paranormal tale filled to the brim with spine-tingling danger, chilling suspense, sinister machinations, heart-wrenching angst, explosive passion, and seductive romance. The narrative is beautifully written in the third person with multiple perspectives. The dialogue is smart, well-executed, and flows effortlessly. But without a doubt, my favorite component of every Ash story is her intriguing cast of well-developed characters, always flawed but always imperfectly perfect. I was immediately fascinated by the three protagonists and what role each would play in the progression of the story. And again, Ash didn't disappoint! There's nothing better than a well-written antihero, and Ash pens some of the best I've ever read, and that's saying a lot since I'm an old codger whose favorite vampire book of all time is Bram Stoker's Dracula which I've read several times since discovering it 50 years ago. Yeah, I'm that old and still passionate about the written word! As usual, I digress, so to wrap up comments, there are 5 questions I always ask myself after completing a book. First, did I like this story? No, I LOVED it and can hardly wait to read the first book of the series, Wicked Soul, which I've already preordered. And FYI, just a reminder, Origin is not a standalone and does end with a cliffhanger. Second, was there anything I didn't like? Honestly, not a darn thing! Like everyone else, I always want instant gratification and would love to already have the next book of the series in my hot little hands right now. Thankfully, it's scheduled for release February 10, 2018, and I've already preordered my copy. Third, would I recommend this book? You bet and I am, but only for adults. It's novella length, coming in around 150 pages, and a relatively quick read, but it is a dark romance with some violence and explicit sex. Fourth, will I read this author again? I think I've already answered this question but just to be clear - ABSOLUTELY! And finally, was I entertained? Completely! I was glued to my seat, white knuckling my reader with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest as the pages flew as quickly as the time. Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

Warin suffered nearly a hundred years of torment and pain at the hands of the Ancient who stole his humanity and made him a vampire. But when his Master embraced another, Warin refused to allow his new blood brother to suffer his fate and saved them both by murdering their Sire. Warin and his blood brother Aleric spent the next 200 years succumbing to bloodlust and answering to no one while sowing a trail of violence, death, and destruction across the continent of Europe with no regret nor remorse. For almost 3oo years, Warin lived with no hope of escaping the darkness, believing it impossible to satisfy the bloodthirsty beast inhabiting his cold, unfeeling body, until one fateful night while raiding a small village and killing its residents, he sensed something he'd never before encountered - something different, something unusual, something he didn't understand, yet something he couldn't ignore. But it wasn't something, it was a someone - an ordinary young woman named Thea who called to him, whose very existence sang to his heart. And for the first time in his almost 300 years, Warin didn't want to drink and kill his prey - he wanted to keep her. But would she be his salvation or his downfall? We'll see!

Elisbet6 ,

How far would you go?

Origin is a fantastic tale of Love and Loss and sibling relationships. This story is a Wonderfully written world of vampires, with a delicious twist of witches. I can hardly wait for the next book.

Tcbuck ,

Beginning to a new wicked vampire series

A prequel to what seems to be a wicked and hot vampire series. The story starts with death. But what can you expect from two vampires that believe themselves monsters. But it takes only one female to change one of them. What is it about her that is so different? The book begins the story of what could be a great love or a great tragedy. But we will have to wait for the next book to know for sure.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

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