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"I am a Princess. A Warrior among Warriors. The Commander of an Army. I never wanted to be a Rebel. But I can no longer ignore the madness of the Ones who rule me and my kin. So I will rise against them. To defend those I want to protect. To carve out another future for both Immortals and Mankind.

They call me the Red Queen.”

In a time when sickness covers the world in shadows, Romerus, descendant of the first man and woman to walk the Earth, ventures into the desert to find a cure for his dying sons. The gifts he receives from the mysterious stranger he meets on his crusade turn his children into beings who can defeat death itself, carving a destiny that makes them Immortal kings of an empire spanning hundreds of years and thousands of leagues.  

Mila, third daughter of Crovir and last-born grandchild of Romerus, knows the evil that resides in the heart of her father. When she dares challenge his increasing tyranny by sparing the life of a human governor, his twisted fear of her grows, triggering a chain of events that culminates in her witnessing his final, unforgivable sin. Accused of a crime she did not commit and forced to flee the empire of her birth, her path collides with that of an enigmatic captain who proves to be more than he claims.

As the promise of war darkens the lands, the most powerful and fearless of all the Immortals must shatter old alliances and create fresh ones in order to forge a new destiny for her kin and mankind.

Origins is the compelling fifth installment and genesis story of AD Starrling’s bestselling supernatural thriller series Seventeen. If you like high-octane adventures that combine history, science, and fantasy, then you’ll love the world of Seventeen. 

Grab the latest riveting thriller in the epic series today!

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February 16
AD Starrling
A.D. Starrling

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,


Excellent book! A very well written story giving you the background of the Bastian and Crovir family. The main story is of Mila and Aaron and the ending of a race and the beginning of another. Lots of action and sub stories and even a bit of a tear jerker. There is a lot to learn and much in depth thinking but I loved the book. Do not want to spoil it so read and think and learn!

SuzyRM ,

I could not put it down!!

Love love love this series!!! The author weaves such a intriguing and compelling tale that it's hard to put the book down once you've started it!! Can't wait for the next chapter!!!


I'm suffering withdrawal pangs...

I don't want these books to stop! I have been on a natural reader's high since starting the series with "Hunted" and I have read all the books and still hunger for me. I have developed an insatiable need for more fixes.

If you are looking for nonstop action and very interesting characters and story lines these books will satisfy you in ways you've never dreamed. I found them impossible to put down and once I finished one back I immediately had to continue with the next and so on.

I hope that AD Starling has more stories for us and some movie studio gets smart and finds that there's money to be maid with these books like the X-Men series.

Write more please AD Starling.

10 Stars. 10 Stars. 10 Stars. 10 Stars.

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