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This is the second of a two-volume set that contains the remaining unpublished speculative fiction of Kevin L. O'Brien. It features 19 stories, 16 of which have never been published before. They run the gamut from novellas to flash fiction, they feature fantasy, science fiction, horror, action-adventure, thriller, splatterpunk, Cthulhu Mythos, zombie, and fairy tale fiction, and they include both humorous and serious themes. Bonus material is included, as are a few illustrations.

In this volume you will find:

In the Dreamlands, Medb hErenn is captured by slavers, and she and a runaway bride princess escape through the sewers, only to find that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

In the Dreamlands, Team Girl agrees to deliver a valuable package to an obscure village outside a bog, but an old enemy threatens to kill them to get hold of it.

In the Dreamlands, Team Girl explores a mythical lost temple looking for treasure, but become trapped inside and must play a deadly game to escape.

Kojoro the seven-tailed fox princess is babysitting Team Girl's daughters, and at bedtime they ask for a funny story about a fox.

All the men in the world have been turned into horny beefcake demons who attack and rape all the women, and Sir Differel Van Helsing must somehow correct the problem (with the help of her resident mad scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Mabuse) before she too is caught and assaulted.

Sir Differel accompanies her frenemy Lady Margaret Chesham to the Outer Hebrides to attend a dinner hosted by an old friend of Margaret's father, only to discover that he is out to avenge an old wrong.

In an Alternative Reality, Sir Differel plays a professional troubleshooter who must avert disaster by preventing a gang from robbing a train operated by Team Girl.

The Princess in Orange returns in four flash pieces to bedevil Sir Differel:

to make sure no one mistakes her for a man again,

to offer her a modeling gig -- for a nude portfolio in a men's magazine,

to surprise her with a pornographic birthday gift, and

to share an intimate encounter in a bubble bath.

Miskatonic University professor Arthur Templeton and his friend Det. Sgt. Matthew Cardigan of the Arkham PD investigate a series of gruesome and macabre murders that could not have been perpetrated by any human.

A Colorado man falls for and marries a beautiful but mysterious woman who has one quirk: she leaves him each night to go into the cemetery next door.

A homophobic judge is told by her female student lover that she wants to be with her permanently, so she decides to get rid of her, but she underestimates the girl's romantic obsession.

When the world is overrun by zombies, one entrepreneur finds a way to exploit them.

Sir Differel must find a way to defeat a group of entities that threaten to destroy mankind by taking over their cities -- literally.

An aristocrat tells Sir Differel's father of the time he and a group of friends became lost in the Vermont woods while hunting, and met four beautiful but mysterious women in a clearing at midnight.

A man hoping to develop a romantic relationship with an erotically playful woman finds out she's from a utopian future, which she hates.

Two dinosaurian scientists examine their latest find: a pair of primitive humans.

Warning: these stories contain features that some people may find objectionable, even offensive; reader discretion is advised.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 3
Kevin L. O'Brien
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