Otitis: The Expert's Diagnostic Guide

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This is the first book that comprehensively presents and teaches the range of findings seen in otitis media patients. The primary target audience is the primary care provider taking care of pediatric ear infections. However, anyone taking care of otitis, even pediatric otolaryngologists, will find surprising new observations with significant clinical implications never previously described. Almost 10 years in the making, this book organizes and expands the knowledge base of otoscopic exam findings.  The book has 14 chapters, and includes over 275 photos and 50 brief video clips, all of extraordinary clarity and composition. The content includes a self-assessment chapter, a visual glossary, a chapter on normal and variants of normal, chapters on all forms of otitis media, post-infectious tympanic membrane changes, challenging clinical consultations, and much more.  The images and videos, with explicit explanations, make this resource hard to put down. Every provider of ear care should have this book, not only because it will improve the skills of every reader, but also because it puts in place a new vocabulary for common unnamed findings in otitis prone patients. The book fills a large educational gap in diagnostic otoscopy, an area that has long had limitations in skills and educational methods. Primary care providers can, with this book, rival the otoscopic knowledge of some otolaryngologists.

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    June 21
    Michael Poole
    Michael Poole

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    Subway warrior ,

    Must Have

    This book is a MUST read for any person who looks at an ear!! The visuals are at a level never before published! The clear explanations and careful observations of the ear have not been seen since the days of the great Sylvan Stool. This IS what Apple technology was designed to do, and Dr Poole is the true pioneer in Apple Book learning.

    Sashmax ,

    Fantastic Glossary of TM images

    This book should be required for everyone who examines ears!!

    drtog ,

    Excellent Resource!!

    I was extremely grateful to have access to this text during medical school! I am a fourth year medical student and am planning on going into pediatrics! This text was an excellent resource to use and refer back to during many of my rotations, and I plan on using it during my residency and in future practice! The explanations are very clear and easy to understand, and the pictures and videos are great in quality! Over all, this text is phenomenal for anyone trying to grasp an understanding of the various pathologies you might come across during an otoscopic examination!

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