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When the author’s husband begins to exhibit alarming behaviors, she suspects he has been having an affair and wants to divorce her. His actions force her to look back at the events of their 25-year marriage, making her even more suspicious of his most recent and past activities.

She begins to examine the impact of a secret they kept from his family and the lies he was comfortable telling his loved ones for decades to protect his ego. This reinforces her belief he is keeping something secret from her too. Fearing they might end up in court, she searches for evidence of his infidelity. While she finds no direct evidence to prove her suspicions, she finally realizes how imbalanced their relationship has become, especially after she gave up her lucrative career to care for their twins. Realizing his need for control has taken over her life, she decides she must leave since she can no longer tolerate his veiled but increasing threats. Before she can take action, however, a medical crisis forces her to make impossible decisions.

While caring for the husband she was desperate to leave, she must evaluate her own behavior and the meaning of unconditional love for both herself and her husband. Confronting the truth about their relationship leads her on a journey that ends with unraveling the impact of their past and the lessons she must learn to heal. As a memoir, Our Better Selves documents the author’s journey from adversity to one of self-discovery and acceptance.

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April 21
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