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The ocean is uncontrollable and dangerous. But to the sirens who swim the warm island waters, it’s a home more than worth protecting from the humans and their steam-propelled ships. Between their hypnotic voices and the strength of their powerful tails, sirens have little to fear.

That is, until the ruthless pirate captain, Kian, creates a device to cancel out their songs.

Perle was the first siren captured, and while all since have either been sold or killed, Kian still keeps them prisoner. Though their song is muted and their tail paralyzed, Perle’s hope for escape rekindles as another pirating vessel seizes Kian’s ship. This new captain seems different, with his brilliant smile and his promises that Kian will never again be Perle’s master. But he’s still a human, and a captor in his own way. The compassion he and his rag-tag human family show can’t be sincere… or can it?

Soon it becomes clear that Kian will hunt Perle relentlessly, taking down any siren in her path. As the tides turn, Perle must decide whether to run from Kian forever, or ride the forming wave into battle, hoping their newfound human companions will fight with them.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 3
D. N. Bryn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

DSS302 ,


This is the first book I have read by D.N. Bryn and I really enjoyed the story. It has action and drama with a little suspense mixed it. It is a story about two worlds coming together and trying to make against all odds. The characters are beautifully developed with amazing personalities. I loved Dejean and Pearl together. They have a great interaction between them. The story is as beautiful as it is sad in other parts. The support characters are just as great and Mur add so much to the story. This is a definite read with fun and adventure throughout it.

hnehehe ,

Loved it

This book is filled with such genuine love and pain. It’s an amazing read.

RC Reading ,

Absolutely Fantabulous!’

Author is very talented. The reader is sucked in right away to the fast paced, action packed story line. The love transcends typical love stories.

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