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This volume is one of the most significant books in the history of spiritual literature. The subject itself, “Our Divine and Cosmic Identity,” might suggest the validity of this statement.

This appraisal is not a personal, egotistical one, since it is fully realized that no individual creates anything alone. (See the chapter “Within the Archangelic Consciousness.”) Ultimately, this book is the expression of the Whole. The contents would not have appeared but for the presence of a few spiritual colleagues who consistently provided a creative context. Beyond these were others who constituted the mailing list, to whom the transcripts were sent. Above all, I acknowledge the foundational awareness provided by Lloyd Arthur Meeker (Uranda) and Martin Exeter, whose genius, lives and words opened the way for this book, which I consider to be an extension of their ministry.

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November 1
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Customer Reviews

Susan St.Clair Bennett ,

Susan Bennett

If there were one book that I would be able to proffer to a friend with the certitude that it would impact their life in an uplifting. beneficial and transformative way it would be this one. The title alone says it all. Were one to truly comprehend ones own divine and cosmic identity how extraordinary Life itself would be..! Between these pages that possibility becomes closer and closer to fulfillment the further one delves. It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation for the words of Alan Hammond and his teachers that I recommend this book. Ones time could hardly be better spent. Enjoy!

Jon Shanker ,

Highly Recommend - Illuminating and Inspiring!!!

Alan Hammond may not be know by many but he should be. His articulation of spiritual matters is lucid, vast and free of dogma. This book is a doorway to who we really are and why we are in this world. It exquisitely describes the way by which we and subsequently the world may be transformed. In this day and age of information and technology, the message of this book is both simple and profound...the way to change the world is to change ourselves. I hope that this book receives the attention it deserves and is placed alongside the great spiritual literature of the world. It's probably not coincidence that you have found this book. I hope it is a doorway to reality for you as it has been for me.

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