Our Italian Summer Our Italian Summer
Book 1 - Meet Me in Italy

Our Italian Summer

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Three generations of women in the Ferrari family must heal the broken pieces of their lives on a trip of a lifetime through picturesque Italy from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst
Workaholic, career-obsessed Francesca is fiercely independent and successful in all areas of her life except one: family. She struggles to make time for her relationship with her teenage daughter, Allegra, and the two have become practically strangers to each other. When Allegra hangs out with a new crowd and is arrested for drug possession, Francesca gives in to her mother's wish that they take one epic summer vacation to trace their family roots in Italy. She just never expected to face a choice that might change the course of her life. . .
Allegra wants to make her grandmother happy, but she hates the idea of forced time with her mother and vows to fight every step of the ridiculous tour, until a young man on the verge of priesthood begins to show her the power of acceptance, healing, and the heartbreaking complications of love.
Sophia knows her girls are in trouble. A summer filled with the possibility for change is what they all desperately need. Among the ruins of ancient Rome, the small churches of Assisi, and the rolling hills of Tuscany, Sophia hopes to show her girls that the bonds of family are everything, and to remind them that they can always lean on one another, before it's too late.

Fiction & Literature
January 12
Penguin Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Oma 3 ,

Best read this year!

The story is so well written, I just wanted it to continue. One can relate to at least one of the three main characters. Sophia is the mother / grandmother who sees her small family falling apart. Franny her daughter is so career driven, she is neglecting her soon to be 18 year old daughter. Allegra is trying to figure out life and is resentful of her workaholic mother.
Sophia decides they all need to go and reconnect with one another.
There is many arguments, tough choices to make, secrets to reveal and lost love to rediscover. Tears are shed theirs and my, have tissues nearby. The description of the surrounding and sites of interest will take you away to Italy. Well done.

Romance213 ,

“The charms of Rome can make you forget time.”

“Our Italian Summer” is an extraordinary story of three women who embark on a magical summer vacation of soul-searching, fence-mending and dream-chasing. What an opportunity they had to travel to the land of their ancestors, something I would have loved to have done with my daughter and mother. How wonderful it would be to experience the customs of Italy, the beautiful scenery, and the delicious food. Sophia, Francesca and Allegra had no idea that their vacation would change their lives forever. They needed this time to truly get to know the women they had become away from work, away from school, and away from the confines of everyday life. Together, they would visit beautiful churches and dine at unforgettable restaurants, all while learning about where they came from and where life would take them after they returned home. Sophia, the matriarch of the family, could see that her daughter and granddaughter were hurting and she prayed that this vacation would bring them closer together. Francesca, whose job was her life, needed to turn off her phone, put away her laptop and look at this vacation as a chance to relax and open her eyes to new beginnings. Allegra, the studious high school senior, was at a crossroads in her life. She wanted to pursue her own career while her mother was pushing her to be just like her. As I was reading, I found myself becoming part of the story, experiencing their feelings and wishing I could accompany them on their journey of reflection. I felt many emotions while reading: I became teary-eyed, laughed out loud and agreed with their heated family discussions. I felt as if I knew all of them, as they reminded me of my close Italian relatives. Family is everything and as long as we open our hearts and listen closely, we can solve our problems while love does all the work.

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