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As star running back for his high school team, Jackson Brady led a charmed life—until the wild child pushed a little too far. And thanks to snitching goody two-shoes Annabelle Hartington, Jackson endured scandal, shame, and suspension from the team before the championship game. His ensuing downward spiral would have been far worse if not for Nicholas Carr, his high school coach and mentor.

Now, twelve years later, Jackson doesn’t think twice about returning to Quinn, Texas, to help out when Coach suffers a heart attack. It’s an opportunity to atone for past sins and prove he’s ready to give back to the close-knit community. And he knows just the person to help him—the same woman who brought him down all those years ago. A respected and beloved teacher, if Annabelle is willing to take a chance on him, everyone will know Jackson’s a new man.

But he’s not the only one who’s changed. Though she’s just as smart as he remembers, Annabelle is also sweet, kind, loyal—and hiding a surprisingly passionate woman behind her staid schoolteacher clothes. Suddenly proving himself to the town might be more difficult than he’d thought. Because while Jackson may have shed most of his wild ways, turns out nothing stirs his inner bad boy quite like Annabelle.

January 19
Erin Nicholas
EN Fiction, Inc.

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Cheryl SDS ,


In the Boys of Fall series, this book is about Jackson Brady and Annabelle Hartington. Choices made in high school by both Jackson and Annabelle have long reaching memories. When Jackson comes back to town years later, to help out his old high school football coach, Annabelle is the one he needs to see about applying for a job as a guidance counselor at the high school. With old hurts rehashed and put away, Annabelle and Jackson embark on an adventure together that will make him seem more settled and her seem a little less conservative but what actually happens surprises EVERYONE!

There's a warning at the beginning of the book. Take my advise and heed this warning. The sizzle factor in this book is off-the-charts!

Jackson has done a lot of good to make up for the bad choices he made as a youth. Annabelle is a good girl with an inner bad girl just waiting for the right man to bring it out. I love Annabelle's strong character. She makes no apology for living by a strong set of morals. These two set the sheets on fire! Jackson is one sexy dirty talker and I have a new appreciation for muscle cars. This is a MUST read for those looking for that hotter than sin, small Texas town romance. I can't wait to read more from this series and this author. Outstanding!

The Smutty Kitty ,

A Boys of Fall Book

As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly

5 out of 5 Licks

Ahhh Erin knows how to make a reader sigh with utter contentment at the end of a book. Once again I was captured from the very start and couldn't take my eyes off the words for one second. Annabelle isn't quite the goodie two shoes that Jackson sees her as. He notices a couple small tattoos and is surprised to learn she has several more. He’s even more surprised when he gets the chance to find them all. I am a huge music freak I have a few treble clefs tattooed on me too so I was thrilled to find out that all of Annabelle’s tats are not only music related but have great meaning to her as well. I’m also now debating an idea similar to her tats in my head. Annabelle lets her wild streak show when she’s with Jackson. They really are the perfect complement to each other. They smooth out each others edges and make each other better people. And that is something that makes a story so wonderful. They both make a few mistakes along the way, but when they come together it is one of the sweetest moments ever! Be prepared to shed a few happy tears. I’m pretty sure Erin must get some kind of high off reader tears cause she sure does love to make us cry! lol And be prepared for the shock of your life if you are an Erin Nicholas fan-there is no food play in this one!! They do mess around in the kitchen though so that’s gotta count for something!

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