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You don't know what hell is until you try to get out of it...

The moment Luke Hawthorn slid open the window to his bedroom and dropped into the alley behind his uncle's building in Manhattan, the course of his life changed forever. He just didn't know it yet.

Six months earlier and 5,500 kilometers away, a new drug called Rave-N stole the life of a friend. Days later, Luke's London home was consumed by a fire that also claimed the life of his mother. Then an uncle he'd never known appeared at his mother's funeral and offered Luke a home in New York City-in Hell's Kitchen.

Things are not what they seem in Hell's Kitchen. As Luke's friends in London start to disappear, he begins overhearing bits of cryptic conversation from his secretive uncle. Compelled to find out more, Luke embarks on an investigation that spirals his world into an ever-widening hell that will consume friends and enemies alike.

"John Hanzl's writing style and story are similar in some ways to Robert Ludlum's earlier novels?a definite plus. John has an exciting style which draws you in and keeps you turning the pages."
? Kaye Trout, Midwest Book Review

"Mr. Hanzl does an excellent job of weaving several subplots around the main plot for a fast-paced, page-turning journey with characters who come to life almost immediately."
- Writer'sDigest

Fiction & Literature
January 17

Customer Reviews

Lynne S - Florida ,

Out of Hell's Kitchen

This was an intriguing and suspenseful novel that was difficult to put down - leading to some severe sleep deprivation. The characters are so well developed you really care what happens to them and the action just continues to build throughout the story. Each aspect was obviously well researched lending a realism to the story and the author injects just the right amount of wit to keep you smiling even through the intense action. Highly recommend and look forward to the sequel!!

Rocco/Boston ,

Out of Hell's Kitchen

If you're looking for an fast paced, adrenaline-heart-beating, page turner, then this is your book! And, in this day and age, who isn't? My biggest complaint was that I had to put the book down to make dinner -- clearly, I don't read fast enough!!

Question is . . . Who plays Luke in the movie?