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A secluded college campus in California holds a strange secret: It’s linked, via an ancient, sentient entity called the pirisma, to a parallel world where history mirrored ours until a shocking change. No one outside a closely guarded research project realizes that most people on our earth have doubles in this other world... some of whom are pursuing deadly agendas.

To scientist Carlos Brujo, the elusive and long-dormant pirisma’s return is an object of wonder and excitement. To retired Brigadier Gen. Ephraim Montrose, the reopening may presage an invasion that threatens an unprepared world. But to artist Hannah Fleischer, who’s newly engaged to a police detective, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Strange perceptions trouble Hannah, who never knew she was smuggled as a child from the parallel world. When the link between the universes reactivates unexpectedly, cascading events thrust Hannah into the center of a crisis that could destroy both her worlds.

For her 101st novel, USA Today bestselling author Jacqueline Diamond launches the Safe Harbor Medical® mystery series with The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet. A former Associated Press reporter and TV columnist, Jackie has sold mysteries, medical romances, Regency romances and romantic comedies to a range of publishers. To be sure you never miss a sale or a new release, sign up for her free newsletter at her website, jacquelinediamond.com.

Praise for Out of Her Universe

“Fun, drama, intrigue, interworld travel; it's all in this fast paced and exciting read. Get comfortable; you will likely read this story nonstop until you reluctantly reach the end. This book should be a movie.”—Online reviewer Gary F. Bale

“Intriguing concept written with the style and heart I've come to expect from her books.”—Online reviewer 4Romance.

I really enjoyed the concept of mixed universes. I liked Hannah and the world that she's thrown into and how she discovers she was smuggled as a little kid. That's really cool, in a strange multi-verse kinda way. I loved the creativity that it took to deal with the concept multiple plains of existence and the realistic way that she was able to spin them. This is a great read for sci-fi/fantasy readers!--From the Desk of Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

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May 13
Jacqueline Diamond
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