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Middle of Somewhere: Book Two

The only thing in Colin Mulligan’s life that makes sense is taking cars apart and putting them back together. In the auto shop where he works with his father and brothers, he tries to get through the day without having a panic attack or flying into a rage. Drinking helps. So does running and lifting weights until he can hardly stand. But none of it can change the fact that he’s gay, a secret he has kept from everyone. 

Rafael Guerrera has found ways to live with the past he’s ashamed of. He’s dedicated his life to social justice work and to helping youth who, like him, had very little growing up. He has no time for love. Hell, he barely has time for himself. Somehow, everything about miserable, self-destructive Colin cries out to him. But down that path lie the troubles Rafe has worked so hard to leave behind. And as their relationship intensifies, Rafe and Colin are forced to dredge up secrets that both men would prefer stay buried.

February 29
Dreamspinner Press
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Sometime…somewhere…someone…can be your soul-mate

Author Roan “PASSION” Parrish tells more … about the Philadelphia Irish Mulligan family clan’s father and his four handsome male siblings … first, about the youngest fourth brother (from book 1), thirty year old gay brother, Daniel, who is independent of family liabilities. Thirty seven year old Sam is the eldest of the four siblings, who is married to Lisa. Thirty six year old Colin, a single ‘player,’ followed after Sam; and then, thirty three year old brother Brian is the third confused ‘player.’ Their father, Pops Mulligan, owns and operates an auto mechanic garage, where he has taught all of his BOYS the art and techniques required to repair any motor-automobile-bike. Their individual stories address each of the brothers’ personal conflicted relationships, motivation within their family sphere-world. Through Colin, Parrish defines the brothers’ conflicts, contempt, secrets of jealousy, joy and rage! Protagonist Colin’s personal story finds center stage, as his central position in the family’s dynamics effectually determine a questionable destiny. Colin’s life has been dictated by his father’s masculine rules; Colin has hidden his desires for a male to male relationship, instead, sharing heterosexual encounters, never allowing a relationship further than shallow attitudes and emotions! Enticed from a bar stool while drinking beer in the neighborhood gay bar-dance club, behind the“The Cellar” bar’s alley, Colin’s two attacker’s are two big brutish thugs intent on conflicting body injury. Watching how Colin’s bar buddy entices Colin into the back bar alley for a mutual pleasure exchange, Rafe suspicions more than that will follow when a third man slips out, following the bar mates as the pair exit. Discovering the thugs beating, kicking a down on his knees Colin, Rafe drops the two thugs, breaking up their robbing game. And so unfolds “Out Of Nowhere” … a remarkable romance develops as Roan Parrish follows two very different people awakening-to the meaning of discovering your soul mate! ‘No-one is going to give you anything good! If you want IT, your going to have to make IT happen!’ … “I wanted to do anything not to abandon my family and run away to something that felt easier” … Colin’s choice and freedom to be who he is — is a fascinating journey.

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