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“Out of the Blue” is a mother’s story of her family’s transformation after learning their daughter wanted to become their son.

Part study on GLBT social issues, part revelation of the personal journey toward accepting her transgender child, the author suggests that parents who say, “I just want my child to be happy!” might not realize what that really means.

At last.  A smart, wise, and practical  User’s Manual of a memoir for  ordinary small-town families whose children are no longer “normal” in the eyes of neighbors, relatives, and fellow churchgoers.    Written for parents who feel lost, ashamed, and utterly helpless, this book offers down-to-earth examples of what to read, how to listen, and where to seek support from surprisingly sympathetic sources.  Moore is a brave and unusual writer who includes notes, essays, and manifestos  by others whose interpretations of family lore may be more accurate that her own.  She moves back and forth in time to face her illusions, change her mind, and rethink past attitudes.  This is the real deal:  a how-to guide that keeps on working. 

Sheryl O'Donnell, Professor of English 

University of North Dakota

This touching account of a family’s journey, from a mom’s perspective, is not only heartwarming, but enlightening at the same time.  The author opened her heart to her readers and shared the ups and downs her family faced during this unique time in their life.  As a mom of an openly gay son myself, I have encountered several of the same thoughts, questions, confusions, and uncertainties as this author has shared in her story.  We never get to etch out the exact path our children will walk in life, but reassuring them that they’re loved and cherished, UNCONDITIONALLY, is key in any person’s growth and inner strength.  Regardless of your viewpoint on GLBT issues, this story will apply to some aspect of life for all parents, and what they want for their children.  This is a must read to understand the thoughts, struggles, joys, and reliefs that go along with a transgender journey.  Very well written; a treasured account of a mother’s love.

Karyn Hippen, author

“Make Me New: one woman’s fight to mend a broken past”

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