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Raven’s Hoard is the follow-up to The Secret of the Swan. Nate is a young archaeologist who finds himself embroiled in an exciting and, at times, terrifying adventure involving smugglers, Vikings and treasure hunters. He comes face to face with a real 18th century revenue man and his betrothed, Dolly. They become entangled in a race to find a sacred sword and are beset by all kinds of difficulties – not least of all being catapulted between different times. They witness great events, including a horrifying Viking battle, strange discoveries in a graveyard and the mysterious appearance of John Stell, a scribe from Furness Abbey. These adventures take young readers on a rollercoaster ride through time as they pit their strength and skills against their enemies both in the distant past and Nate’s present. Furness Abbey is again revealed as a hub of spiritual energy and mystery, holding its secrets close. Nate experiences the loss of two important people in his life, but learns that the end is not always final. He is amazed when he meets them again, in different guises and situations. He soon learns that his adventure is closely connected with events in both his brother and his sister’s lives and the story ends with a cliffhanger and the tantalising prospect of further adventures to come... Out of Time 2: Raven’s Hoard is an fantasy adventure story for children aged 9-13 years old. Gill Jepson has been inspired by Alan Garner, Susan Cooper and Michael Morpugo. Like her first two novels, Out of Time 2 is set in Furness, with the Abbey being used as a focal point, and will entertain and educate children with its historical context.

Young Adult
October 25
Troubador Publishing Ltd

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