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The fourth stand-alone romance in New York Times bestseller Marie Harte’s small town, shapeshifter romance series: Cougar Falls.

When a cat tries to outsmart a sexy fox, only love can save him.

Grady Chastell, Shifter extraordinaire, wants a cat to mate. Not just any cat, but the delectable Gabby Easton, new to the pride. She’s sexy, kind, and can shift into two animal spirits. There’s just one problem. Gabby won’t take him seriously.

He’s at his wit’s end trying to convince her to date him when more problems arrive in the form of a rival cat, his sisters, and the danger following them. Insert troublesome family, pranks gone wrong, and one whopper of a lie, and Grady finally has Gabby where he wants her, a heartbeat from being his forever. Until the truth comes out, hidden enemies surface, and Gabby, the love of his life, goes missing.

It will take cunning, the help of the pride, and a good bit of trickery to convince his woman to forgive and forget. And more, to love him—the cat born to be hers.

This title has been previously released.

Warning, this title contains the following: a pride of pranksters, one foxy woman, a dancing cat, and twists and turns to find out who lands on top

“…I'd say the author did a nice job of mixing things up and making it feel like a longer read. I would recommend this romance novella to fans of shapeshifter romances, especially if you're in the mood for a quick read.” Turning the Pages

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 16
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