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This is book 2 of the Vicious Thrills MC series! Book 3 is available everywhere now!

A ride on the outlaw got her pregnant.

He’s a bearded, tatted, whiskey-drinking rogue.

And he’s the only thing keeping me alive.

If I want to keep my baby safe, I have to do one thing and one thing only:

Whatever the hell he wants.


I won’t apologize for what I do.

I’m an outlaw biker, not a goody-two-shoes.

I own a strip club – and it’s not the kind where you’re gonna find a bachelorette party acting like drunken fools.

This is the kind of place where the women on stage are bare, ready, and willing – if you can pony up the cash.

And of course, I always get my cut of the transaction.

But I don’t touch any of the girls in my stable.

Never get high on your own supply, isn’t that what they say?

Screwing with my strippers would be a recipe for disaster.

But then she walked in, and every rule went out the window.

I’ve always controlled myself.

Along with every aspect of my life in this little slice of the criminal underworld.

But one sight of her broke me.

I knew I should’ve turned her away.

Hell, I did at first - but then my black little heart got the best of me.

So I decided to make her a deal.

I’ll keep her around.

But not just in my club.

She’s gonna be sharing my bed.

Serving my needs.

So when I tell her to fall to the ground and please me…

She’d better get right to work.


Desperate is an understatement.

I’m pregnant and alone.

Abandoned by my boyfriend, disowned by my parents.

Reduced to begging for jobs at a filthy strip club.

How could things possibly get worse?

One answer: Blade.

He says he’s helping me out.

But he knows damn well I don’t have a choice.

I have to accept his deal.

Part of me hates him for it.

He’s a cold-hearted man.

A biker, a killer, a truly reckless outlaw.

But the other part of me is… excited?

That can’t possibly be right, can it?

There’s no denying that Blade is sexy.

He’s tall and tatted and rugged, like he stepped right out of my darkest wet dream.

But when he pulls me close and whispers in my ear what he wants to do to me, I know…

I’m falling into bed with the devil himself.


Do you love dark, sexy bad boy biker romance with a twist? Then check out OUTLAW’S RIDE by bestselling author Sophia Gray. This hot romance series is about a sexy bad boy biker alpha male who knocks up an innocent girl. The story has sex, love, action, and excitement on every page. You’ll love this romance pregnancy love story.

September 30
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