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Deadly prophecies. Unlikely partners. Can a pair of mismatched heroes survive a caseload of fatal futures?

Three books. One bonus novella. 800+ pages of prophecy-busting mysteries and a match made in mayhem. 

Kate Hale knows prophecy isn’t exactly a precise magic. As a predictions actuary, she’s a whiz at crunching numbers to ensure the hands of fate get nudged in the right direction. But despite the myriad of everyday and extraordinary oracle reports that cross her desk, none have ever divined her own mysterious future… 

In spite of her fateless disadvantage, she manages to land her dream promotion within the accidental death department. Teaming up with a reckless police liaison, she sets out to solve a short-sighted oracle conspiracy, a morbid soul mate mix-up, and a misdirected death sentence. But not even her careful calculations can prepare her for the dangerous hiccups she encounters on the trail of clues… or her growing attraction to the devilishly charming officer by her side. 

With dark forces wreaking havoc on the future, can Kate close her cases and open her heart to love or will her clouded fate finally catch up to her?

The Outlier Prophecies Box Set contains the first three books and bonus novella in a dynamic urban fantasy romance series. If you like psychic mysteries, simmering love stories, and feisty humor, then you’ll love Tina Gower’s enthralling box set. 

Buy The Outlier Prophecies Box Set to envision a rollicking fantasy mystery today!

In this boxed set: 

Romancing the Null (book one)

Conditional Probability of Attraction (book two)

The Werewolf Coefficient (book three)

Blood and Magic (Dalia and Abbot’s short novel)

The Outlier Prophecy Series:

Romancing the Null (book one)

Big Bad Becker (novella)

Conditional Probability of Attraction (book two)

The Werewolf Coefficient (book three)

Standard Deviation of Death (book four)

Shifter Variance (book five)

Correlation of Fate (book six)

Half Cup Magic (Ali's book)

Blood and Magic (Dalia and Abbot's novella)

July 8
Smashed Picket Press
Christina Smith

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