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What happens after the last concussion? How long does an engagement last without turning into marriage?  Is an unplanned pregnancy a dream come true or a nightmare? Real life takes over for the Connecticut Kings when the football season ends. 

Catch the "play-by-play" for each Kings' player in this book, the final in the series. With a chapter for each team member, and a few surprises thrown in, you'll be on the edge of your seat, but satisfied when the final whistle blows. No First & Ten book would be complete without an action scene. But can you guess who's playing? Read Overtime,the Final Touchdown, and find out.

July 27
Moonlight Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

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razormaid ,

But I'm a Dude!

Ok this is a little strange. I got into reading for the first time only after I got my iPhone 5. I'm one of those people who have wondering eyes. I blink and I loose my place which means I end up reading the same page 80 times - at least I did before I started reading on my phone. It only showed me one or two paragraphs at a time. GRIN. Hey I'm reading. Better late than never.

If that wasn't strange enough...

Somehow I stumbled onto the third book in this series and read it first not knowing it was a series.

But, I'm a Dude! Isn't this a romance novel?

Turns out I really liked the people, their stories and most importantly the way the writer tells the story. No I didn't read it in one hour like some people say they do. In fact I read it over several nights before going to bed. I wasn't in a hurry. I really wanted to take my time and enjoy the story. And I did!

I ended up reading all of them. I especially liked how each book incorporated previous people trying it together as a real "team" story line. I thought each story was unique and I found myself rooting for the people.

After reading this I went straight back to my SIFI as I'm a big science fiction buff. But every couple of books I found myself grabbing one from this series and re-reading one then go back to my others and repeat.

The ONLY thing that would have made this better is if these were about Hockey. Or Rugby. Those are my sports of choice. I saw at the end of this she'll be writing a series on baseball. If she's reading these reviews could I PLEASE request a hockey or rugby series? That would awesome!

Thanks so much for writing such interesting story lines with people you do care about. As you put it in your prologue yes like others I too will miss this team, their players and their stories. I look forward to a holiday revisit and maybe even a couple more single books on new players?? Don't forget the rugby and hockey!

Your new straight male fan

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