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She owns his obsession - but will it destroy her?

Wild and uncontrolled, Kardos faces his new circumstance with an unbound fury, but discovers that some things are not within his control.

His undiluted obsession consumes him, until he is forced to see that the only thing he truly needs, he may no longer own.

Struggling to find her strength, Shaya makes little headway in her new life in the Southern Lands. Her Alpha cannot be reasoned with and is even more of a beast than he ever was.

She experiences just how deeply his passion runs, but realizes she may never survive if she cannot find a way to escape him.

OWN TO OBEY is a full-length fantasy romance novel that continues Kardos and Shaya's dark and tribal tale. For fans of faithful Alpha anti-heroes and captive romances. Cliffhanger included however this trilogy is complete.

MYTH OF OMEGA spans nine full-length books, three Omegaverse romance trilogies, and one epic world. Over 700 5-star reviews across the series, find out why readers still want more.

This series includes romance and situations of a dark nature. Some aspects of this may be sensitive for some readers. For ages 18+

April 25
Zoey Ellis
Zoey Ellis

Customer Reviews

Sweet Tea Ree ,

Worth the wait

Kardos is such a man in this story so I was annoyed, but it is so relatable. I could not put the book down. I enjoyed Shaya’s love for him and finally her willingness to think for herself.

Tweetatweet ,

So dang good

This book was so dang good. Steamy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥! I love me some anti-hero deliciousness. Kardos is serving it all up. Kardos and Shaya continue to build their bond. Intrigue and dissension continues to plague Kardos’s attempt to rise to the high chief seat. Will Kardos chose love or power? It feels like I was on the edge of my seat. Shaya continues to try to fit in and belong. Kardos makes a huge mistake, will Shaya keep taking his crap or take charge? We learn more of Kardos’s background. The stunning continuation of the myth of the omega saga. You can’t miss this! This author is the best at alpha and omega stories in my opinion. I thought I had figured out what was gonna happens and I was wrong. Totally thrown by the ending. Cliffhanger!

MyOhMyMyOhMy ,

Wow, just Wow! Part 2 of their story

Wow! Zoey Ellis continues her winning streak with part 2 of Kardos and Shaya’s story. I’m loving these characters. Kardos is big and bad and oh so very very alpha. He controls everything and everyone in his world. Shaya is sweet but stronger than she knows and is his perfect match. Major cliffhanger but oh so very worth it. Eagerly looking forward to the next book which continues their story.

I’m always a bit wary when there are warnings on a book but in this case he is who he is supposed to be. He’s not maliciously cruel, he’s just who his world has made him. She’s not wimpy, she’s way stronger than she knows, and than he knows. Together they are amazing. My warning is don’t be lulled when things start to look like they’ll be happy because this author loves to keep us guessing. Exciting storyline, hot love affair and two characters that appear to be totally mismatched but are actually perfect together, but they haven’t figured that out yet and are NOT making much progress. Very highly recommended but be sure to read Own to Obey (Book 1 of Kardos and Shaya’s story). (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

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