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He will obtain her - at all costs


Burning with disbelief at his Omega's actions, Kardos’ fury sets the entire known Lands alight. 

He swears to reclaim what belongs to him, but discovers the true cost of trying to cage the beauty he loves to see fly.


Shaya seeks the life she had, but is no longer the Omega she once was.

Battling her heartache, she soon learns that to find her strength, she must stake a claim of her own.

Own To Obtain is the ninth instalment of the Myth of Omega serial, a dark, steamy, Omegaverse romance. This book concludes Kardos and Shaya's story. If barbarian Alpha anti-heroes, sweet but savvy Omega heroines, epic fantasy worlds, and captive romances are your thing, start with the beginning of their story, Own To Obey (Book 7). Discover a magical kind of dark... 

Own To Obtain includes romance and situations of a dark nature. Some aspects of this story may be sensitive for some readers. For ages 18 and over.

July 19
Zoey Ellis
Zoey Ellis

Customer Reviews

Tweetatweet ,

This was a great ending to a series I’ve enjoyed reading so much.

Kardos (swoon)❤️❤️❤️❤️ he cant get any better. He is definitely an anti hero, the kind I love! Unapologetic, he really shows out in this finale! If you live omegaverse you have to read this series! This author is a automatic one click for me. Shaya she’s delicate but with a stubborn streak. All things are explained! I’m so happy with the various cameos! Loved! loved! Loved! Did I say Loved?!!! I’m going to have to start over from the beginning. I wish this was on audio!! I highly recommend this whole series!

MyOhMyMyOhMy ,

STOP! Time to Binge this Trilogy or the Series

Be aware that this is the third book in the trilogy and it doesn't work unless you've read the 2 prior books. This is also book 9 in the overall story. Each trilogy stands more or less alone but you'll be so grateful if you take my advice and read them all in a binge. All the books up until now have been awesome and this one is no different. Often by the time a series has been developed this far, there is some loss of tension, excitement and/or loss of oomph. This does NOT happen in this series. Each trilogy and each couple is different in both attitude and life experiences and has their own journey but do read The "Own Trilogy" in order. Own to Obey sets the scene, introduces the characters and begins their journey. Own to Obsess continues the story and allows the characters evolve and this is the book that ties up Kardos and Shaya's story.

Kardos and Shaya are realistically written. They are products of their world. The characters are well developed and while not always likeable (an understatement in places), they are definitely shaped by their circumstances. Zoey Ellis has imagined a world where might is right and power is to be taken and held. Her Alphas are dangerous, hard, obsessive and driven. The mates they choose meet their "ideal". Every Alpha wants an Omega but Omegas aren't easily found and aren't easily caged. And none of them know how joining together will change the characters, the relationship and the world they live in. Even the Omegas themselves don't know how working together will change everything.

Kardos takes what he wants and knows that being strongest is best. He is focused, believes absolutely that he is right in all things and expects everyone to fall into line with his plan. He expects Shaya to do so as well. Shaya has been taught to hide and fear the Alphas and just wants to be free, but much of the history has fallen into the unknown so they are all having to blaze a path. Until recently Omegas were more of a myth than an actual person.

I love these stories because everything "works". The characters stay true to form, the situations they find themselves in feel realistic (for the world they live in) and the main characters are smart and capable. They have all been taught what "normal" is and none of them make any attempt to deny fate until fate brings them a mate and everything they thought they knew disappears. Kardos and Shaya are both complete people the reader gets to know and understand. If only they could understand as well as we do. But they have never had to look at things differently. Now different is the only way they can prosper or maybe even survive. They complement each other and both learn and grow. We also saw cameos from the "Crave Trilogy" and the "Reign Trilogy". These are great stories - a fabulous trilogy and a wonderful series.

Grab the books, hide away and start reading - you'll love the story, the characters and they way they evolve is wonderful to behold. Highly recommended. You won't want to stop so block out the time. Even if you've read these before, there is so much layered into the books that you'll catch things you missed the first time. Definitely well worth a re-read. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC).

Sweet Tea Ree ,

Whew, love conquers all...even when you try to escape it

This was a great ending to a series I am going to miss. All of Zoey’s books within the Omega series has shown us so many sides of love and passion. Shaya has taught us that we do not always see our strength and how much communication is needed to function well within any relationship. I could not put this book down. I literally was a member of Tribe Nyek in my mind. I am so happy to see all of the connections this book made with so many people. I look forward to venturing down the possibilities of more books to come.

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