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Owned by the Playboy --- Book #1 in the Owned. Series

Meet Nina Sharpe, pleasure is about to become her business… 

The wheels came off my life slowly at first. This is saying something, because they weren’t screwed on all that tight to begin with. But, I was way too smart to still be this poor and now I had a chance to do something about it. 

I told myself all these things as I sat in the back of a stretch limousine. Just outside the car door was an unassuming bungalow painted yellow. I was here for work. A probationary assignment of sorts. Once the car door opened, the rest of my life would start. 

A man and my future waited for me somewhere inside that house, beyond the front door painted in festive red. Scarlet. A fitting color for what he wanted. For twelve hours and $100,000 he would own me. 

Just one night for a small fortune that would change my life forever, if I had the courage to walk through that red door…. 

This is my story. Don't try this at home. 

Owned by the Playboy is the first book in the sexy, sensual, often humorous adventures of call girl, Nina Sharpe.

NOTE: This book was previously published as "The Offer,"  and "The Mogul" Book One in the Call Girl, Inc. Series.

April 18
Jayne Blue
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Linders78 ,

Owned by the Playboy

I enjoyed the intrigue of this story, along with the steamy aspects. I like that Nina is not a weak woman, but is not afraid to do what it takes to survive. I enjoyed this story.

going for the MAT ,


she’s not owned by a playboy, she’s simply the escort for a billionaire computer geek. he’s pretty pathetic and i can’t summon any sexy time feeling where he’s concerned. her, almost, but before she was a hooker she sold real estate and that’s skeezier than being a prostitute. the madam is sketchy as hell, and the sister is a dipshit with multiple baby daddies. there’s really nobody to like here, so i don’t care what happens in the next installment.

Rachelth! ,

He owns me

Awesome book 1. I could not put it down.

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