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Have you ever believed you’d one day cross paths with someone who would sweep you off your feet and offer you a life right out of a fairy tale?

When you’ve spent your life hiding from monsters, it seems reasonable that you might cling to a magical, fabled romance. 

I did. I found it was easier to look for the positive, to remain hopeful, and to sometimes imagine a fantasy-worthy life. 

I’m not sure if I did it for my sanity or to keep my brother’s spirits up. You see, Ransom Bishop is not only my brother, he’s also the one who saved me from a life that would’ve ended badly, and in doing so, he gave up so much. Since the day he stole me away from the monsters when I was nine years old, Ransom has been mother, father, brother, and best friend, watching my back and protecting me from … them.

For fifteen years, we thought we were safe and maybe we were. But then my brother helped a friend in need, and everything changed. 

They found us.

Now it’s a matter of life or death, and there’s only one person my brother trusts, one man Ransom is willing to be indebted to in an effort to ensure nothing happens to me. 

Talon has agreed to take me in. 

Under one condition: Ransom has to relocate with me, and he has to fake our deaths. Again. 

Little do I know, but Talon is going to change my perception, my ideals, and yes, he’s going to change my life.

My name is Braelyn Bishop, and this is my fairy tale.

This is the final book in the Office Intrigue series. This can be read as a standalone

February 23
Nicole Edwards Limited
SL Independent Publishing

Customer Reviews


Fantastic Conclusion to the series!

4.5 Stars!! Wow!! What a conclusion to the Office Intrigue series. I have to admit that this series has not been my most favorite of Nicole Edwards, but oh, my oh, my, did she end this series absolutely perfectly. Owned was an absolute joyride of a roller coaster filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, and lots of intrigue, and yes, a whole lot of steaminess as only Nicole Edwards can write. You will not be able to put this one down once you begin it.

Owned tells the story of Ransom and Braelyn, a brother and sister, and their journey to their happily ever after, which after the life they have lived running from their mafia parents, they most certainly deserve. Ransom has protected his younger sister Braelyn from their parents since they were young, but now they present a new threat and these two are going to need much more help than just the two of them.

From the beginning of Owned we realize that Talon and Braelyn are meant to be together. The way he protects her from the very opening pages of the book until the last page, is just magical, and she allows him to protect her, but do not confuse Braelyn for a weak woman. She is strong and independent. These two were meant to be together. They bring out the best in each other.

And we also get Ransom's story, whose story we have been waiting for since the very beginning of the series! Ransom and Jasper are finally given their chance at real happiness once again, but, of course, there is much for the two of them to work through to in order to get there. It was great getting to see Ransom be vulnerable and to be able to heal from the broken heart Jasper left him with. And Jasper's willingness to allow Ransom to be able to heal. These two were just so in love and were absolutely perfect for each other.

If you are looking for a hot steamy romance, but one that requires an open mind, then Owned is the book for you. I absolutely loved it, and I esp. loved being able to reconnect with the entire Office Intrigue group. Bravo, Nicole Edwards, on ending this series with a bang.

Friday app ,

10 Stars!!!!

Is it possible to give more stars? Because this book definitely deserves them! Owned is a story with so much in it. Talon and Braelyn are what would seem a normal couple, but behind closed doors, it is so much more than that. Talon lives a life that is far from normal and he does not apologize for his choices. And boy does he have quite a few of them called possessions. This story is done in a beautiful way of exploring a different lifestyle but showing that there is still love behind everything you do. Actions are so much more than words for this lifestyle. And there is also Braelyn’s brother Ransom and the love of his life Jasper. They have such a strong love for each other. This book was a great read. I would have not expected anything less from Nicole Edwards. I could definitely see a series focusing on the possessions and written from their point of view being a must read series for me! One could only hope!

april R H ,

Incredible read

After fifteen years hiding in plain site from those meant to do them harm, Braelyn and her brother Ransom are having to up root their life and flee. Talon is the one my brother deems capable of keeping me safe,so off we go to his island. Owned is my new favorite story in the Office Intrigue series! It’s erotic and sizzling with so much heat,there’s no end to the dazzling and evocative images this story invokes. Braelyn and Talon are captivating,their need for each other just comes alive with each page. Not only do you get Talon and Braelyn’s story but you also discover Ransom’s lost love. This book is definitely worth a read and maybe a fan to help cool you off!

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