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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This adult contemporary romance contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable (double penetration, ménage, violence). Not intended for those under the age of 18.

NOTE: These THREE novellas (50K each) were previously released as single titles.

GENRE: Paranormal Werewolf Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Paranormal Menage (MFM) 

TRAINING THEIR MATEShe failed to stop him. Now he’s coming after her.Liz Wharton has one goal—to kill the man who raped her mother. Had she known Harvey Couch was a werewolf, she never would have tried to take him on by herself.

Determined to put an end to the pest bent on revenge, Harvey sends his goons after her. When two wolves attack her, Liz is sure she’s hallucinating. Good thing Trax Field is there to stop them.

Trax and Dante Field, members of the Pack, have devoted their lives to stopping bad shifters like Harvey Couch. Saving Liz would have been just an ordinary day, but when Trax finds her huddled in an alley, bruised and shaken, he’s convinced she’s his mate.

To keep her safe, Trax and Dante hold her captive in their loft apartment. When they aren’t searching for Couch, Trax and his brother spend the night training their future mate in the art of bondage and sensual pleasures. How will they be able to convert her into embracing not only their lifestyle but also their animalistic side?

CLAIMING THEIR MATEShe saw the killer. Now he wants her dead.Realtor Chelsea Wilson enters a vacant home she wants to show and comes face-to-face with a dead man--and a killer. Freaked out, she runs, but the killer nabs her.

Ricardo Mendez, a werewolf who runs a drug operation, doesn’t need a witness to the murder. He viciously attacks her, but the dead man’s brother, werewolf Kurt Wendlick and his Pack partner, Drake Stanton stop the final assault.When Kurt and Drake save Chelsea, they’re certain she’s their mate and will do anything to keep her safe. Her loving ways puts Kurt in a tailspin. He wants to claim her, but first he needs to avenge his brother’s murder.

What can Chelsea do to help the tormented man? Will the three ever explore the world of BSDM together?

RESCUING THEIR VIRGIN MATEShe’s sold into slavery. Now she’s on the run.All Elena Sanchez wanted was to get on the plane to Costa Rica and visit her parents. When the authorities tell her they need to search her, she finds herself drugged and caged by a sadistic bastard who plans to sell her virginity to the highest bidder.

Two Pack members, Clay Demmers and Dirk Tilton, learn that Elena, Harvey Couch’s former secretary, is a victim of a human trafficking scheme. They go undercover and bid for her. As soon as they see her, they realize she’s their mate. More determined than ever to save her, they buy her, but at what cost?

Elena doesn’t know who to trust. They inform her they’re werewolves, but is that any better than being sold into slavery to humans? With care, Clay and Dirk teach her how to embrace her submissive ways. The problem is this good Catholic girl likes it. Will the guilt from her upbringing prevent her from having the best ménage relationship possible or can she find a way to have both?

Fiction & Literature
January 28
Vella Day
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Bernie856 ,

Three times the magic

Liz , Chelsea and Elena find their happy ever after with their pair of wolf shifters. The good guys from the Pack came to their rescue from the Colter bad guys and found their mates . Nice twist on the usual shifter story. Good characters well worth reading 5 stars.

Skeletta ,


If you want to enjoy a romance book that isn't very long, then you may like these. I enjoyed this set enough to only stop reading when I needed to do the essentials; shower and sleep etc. =D Even with that, there is one thing that I wish would of been a bit different; the styles or personalities used on the men during the hot scenes. To me it just felt like all 3 books the guys were so very much the same. It would of been more enjoyable if they would of had a bit more variety from one another. Other than that, I still enjoyed reading them. =D So much so that the next in the Pack Wars series is on my to-read list! ^_^

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