Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We're Moving to Paris‪!‬

What Women Need to Know About Living Free From Emotional Baggage

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" . . . an invaluable read for anyone looking to truly live out adventurous faith."—Malcolm McLoughlin

Author of The Second Lap

Everyone has baggage!

We all have something that keeps us from living fully for the Lord, but Christ wants us to give our baggage to Him so we can follow Him freely. In Pack Your Baggage, Honey, We’re Moving to Paris! Anne Farnum explores the different kinds of baggage we carry. She also focuses on the baggage that King Saul hid behind and compares it to that which David left behind to run toward the giant.

Using her own personal journey during an adventurous move to Paris, Anne shares healing truths of Scripture and methods she found to help others find freedom from their baggage.

You will be inspired and refreshed as you realize you no longer have to carry your baggage either.

Religion & Spirituality
March 24
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Grma13grchild ,

Christian baggage

Are you carrying bags? Not bags packed with Christmas toys or chocolate goodies or vacation clothes...but bags filled with guilt, sin, anxiety, and past encumbrances...bags that weigh us down like chains. Jesus has promised us abundant life and we settle for less, hanging on to those heavy bags. “Pack Your Bags, honey, We’re Moving to Paris” is a perfect book to encourage and to guide Christians on the removal of bags that cause us so much pain and agony. Using God’s Word, Anne Farnum lays foundations to recognize those bags and become victorious in the power of the Holy Spirit. Her personal experiences and colorful stories will add life to this adventure in abundant life. It will become one of my favorite and “go to” books in my library. ...”Let us lay aside every weight...” Hebrews 12:1