Painful Deliverance Painful Deliverance

Painful Deliverance

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Publisher Description

Alexis has been involved with an older man for three years. Over this time, they have both come to realise that he's developed a passion for receiving pain. It shouldn't affect her - she isn't the one being physically hurt. But it does affect her. She doesn't want to do it anymore. She doesn't want to deliver pain anymore - not to anyone.

More and more frequently, she is having moments where she shuts down and withdraws into herself. She knows that what is happening to her isn't right, and she needs to remove herself from the situation. She starts to put in place plans to get away and make a new life for herself.

But he isn't ready to let her go, and he will pursue her in his desperate attempt to keep her in his life. She will run, but can she realistically hide from her powerful obsessor? He's wealthy, and he's got the resources to find her and follow her wherever she goes.

All she wants is to get away and start over in a new location, and a new life - a life without pain.

This story does contain obsession, stalking, escapism, coarse language and psychological trauma. But underneath all of that, a sweet, deep romance will blossom…


Reviewers say:
"Something captivated me right off the bat. The plot was intriguing and the pacing spot on, while the transitions between past (flashbacks) and present were easy to follow….I would recommend this to readers looking for a captivating plot, dynamic characters, and some great erotic passages."

"First, let me start off saying that this is a book that is unlike any other that I have ever read. Plainly stated, it is believable and raw in a way that is captivating … Will I read the next one? YES!!! … I would say that you would really have to read this to understand... to get how believable it is"

"From the opening few pages, this book draws you into the story…I found the book hard to put down. The author does a great job interlacing the flashbacks with the present to form a tight story line."

"The author does a great job with the feel of this book as the story unfolds …there is sexual content in this novel, but I think most readers are going to be intrigued by this author's story."

"I finished reading this book yesterday, and this morning, it's still on my mind…the pace of it is exactly right. I'm diving in the next book right away."

"From the first page of Painful Deliverance I was hooked…I will definitely seek out the next book in the series!"

"I would happily recommend this novel to my friends and will read the next one in the series."

November 3
Ann M Pratley
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tropigal9 ,


This book reads very stiff and formal as if it was written by someone unfamiliar with the English language or as if it had been translated from another language into English. Not well edited. Many odd double negative phrases and words not quite appropriate for the situation. It reads like a narrative. I also keep wondering if perhaps the main character is a highly functioning autistic due to the strange behavior. The story and plot have the potential to be great but it's difficult to get past the writing style itself. Don't know if I'll ever finish it.

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