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It's a dark windy night as the rain pelts down hard on a Louisiana highway.  Headlights appear out of a racing car.  Lightning flashes across the sky revealing an ethereal shape for a split second followed by a startling thunder.  Inside the car is psychic detective Ruston Bock who grasps the steering wheel tight and leans into the window. The rain cascades against the windshield like a giant shower curtain preventing him from seeing out of it. He squints trying to make out the road ahead.  What lies in front of him on his journey is the deranged and eccentric Granger family.  He'll discover they hold a wealth of disturbing secrets that can help him bring a New Orleans killer to justice.  Drama, action, horror, mystery, and thrills abound in this easy fun quick read.


"I just read the whole "Paint The Silence" book tonight and holy cow!   Wow, what a different book than the authors spiritual books!!  Talk about drama and horror.  Wow!  I couldn't put it down once I started reading it and kept thinking what's next!   I liked it, but ohhhh so gory and sorta leaves you feeling acckkkk!!  Thank you for writing this great book!  Now I hope I can go to sleep!" - A Reader

"Unbelievable! I totally just read the book from cover to cover in one sitting and absolutely LOVED IT.  I can't even begin to wrap my mind around how a spiritual writer wrote something like this, but it reminds me of the movie, "Red State" and some clips covered on polygamy in New Mexico.  Anyway bravo!  This was written with class and style!" - A Reader

Chapter | 1 | Ruston Bock
Chapter | 2 | The Mansion
Chapter | 3 | The Dinner
Chapter | 4 | Logan Granger
Chapter | 5 | Confrontation
Chapter | 6 | Where's Donna?
Chapter | 7 | Serving Up Revenge
Chapter | 8 | Arresting Development
Chapter | 9 | The Bayou Swamp
Chapter | 10 | The Persecuted and the Damned
Chapter | 11 | Face Off
Chapter | 12 | Ruston's Rebirth
Chapter | 13 | Halloween
Chapter | 14 | Breaking and Entering
Chapter | 15 | The Brush with Evil

Young Adult
November 22
Warrior of Light Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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