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The mind is this beautiful field of paper. It feels the brushes and thinks the motions. Making is the thought and we are so many thoughts. Please enjoy my first art book. It's a mixer of my hopes, my heart and my dreams put on canvas for the last 10 years.

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July 5
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Jenna474747 ,

Beautiful book

Today I find people tend to compare themselves to others- I guess there is nothing wrong with that- unless you start to question your worth, your beauty, your creativity. Nobody should doubt their worth, their beauty, or ignore their creative child.

I have been a fan of Jawara Blake’s work since I first was introduced to him many years ago. I couldn’t say why I was attracted to his work. It was just “cool.” But as I have seen his work progress I realize.....his work makes me feel worthy, beautiful and inspires me to be creative. I see beauty in his pieces that somehow spark me to see the beauty in me. And I love it.

I own many of Jay’s pieces, but when I saw he had a book, I bought it immediately. The book gives you an opportunity to reflect, enjoy, and just fall in love with color, texture, and movement. It gives you a chance to see how beautiful you are. I don’t know if Jawara means his pieces to have this effect. But they do. And now I have the hard copy and electronic copy of his book. I hope and pray that he keeps “always making.”

Roxiefoxie2222 ,

Painter Files by Jawara Blake

Painter Files is an auspicious, unadulterated look at modern art through the eyes and consciousness of Jawara Blake. Jawara grew up in a time and space surrounded by TM meditation, Afro-centric, West-Indian, and Southern influences having lived and vacationed with family in Washington, DC, North Carolina, Trinidad, and England. He exhibited talent and a passion for art, sculpture and drawing even before he could read or write. With this mix of cultures, colors, shapes, music and art all around speaking to him, he had to respond with his art and he never stopped.

This book reveals beauty as reflected during the early morning when no one is watching; in the middle of “Carnival” band in Barataria as a child playing mask; when it is all over and everyone goes home to recover and sleep. This is the mask we all wear each day to deal with life in America.

This book expresses the beauty of the female and male forms covered and exposed for all to see and appreciate. View the obvious and the subconscious. All the while the “Raven” is there observing and protecting.

This book will appeal to artists and art lovers, to women, men and people who need healing and loving. It is a young, fresh look at self-expression through art and poetry.

I am enjoying Painter Files and each time I read it more is revealed. Dxe003

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