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Return to the ancestral human diet-the paleo diet! Eating vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts and seafood is the way to the vibrant health of our paleolithic, hunter gatherer forebears-but cooking this way is difficult. This ebook has an easy, daily smoothie tutorial, complete with video how-to links, that willmake your transition painless! Starting your daywith a Paleo Smoothie will cover most of the nutrition you'll need- effortlessly! There are also paleo quick start (PQS) shopping lists, links to all of the paleo authorities you could ever want, and all the exercise, sleep, and other advice that will guide you easily down the paleo path towards maximum health!

July 12
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Customer Reviews

Radon Ron ,

Paleo Quick Start

I have really benefited from the concise nature of this ebook. Nice to "dip into" and access on my iPhone or iPad whenever I need a little paleo "inspiration".
A really helpful resource, especially for newcomers to paleo living!

I actually tried his tried and true green smoothie with coconut milk etc. So palatable. Nothing difficult to drink or anything. Pure, clean, wholesome and good for you. I've been losing weight without really trying. Have never felt better. This book is a good addition to my library.

La Crosse Jay ,

Paleo Quick Start

This book is just what the average person needs! Starting with basic, paleolithic nutrition, which has been the mainstay of humans for millions of years, you are told simply, and concisely how to:
1. Cut out grains and sugars and the "anti-nutrients" contained therein
2. How to simply, by means of a "Paleo Smoothie", introduce perfect nutrition into your life, easily and without fuss

There is more- exercise is discussed, as is the importance of sleep. But, nutrition is, as the author states, 80-85% of the equation, sleep is #2, and exercise is #3.
The book parts ways with standard Paleo practice in the exercise portion, going with body-weight exercises, self-resisted, and "visualized" resistance exercises, ala Charles Atlas and, more recently, John Peterson's "Transformetrics". Most Paleo diet guys are Crossfitters, or weightlifters, or both. This is a little different view; but, to my mind, more in line with how "average people" want, as Robb Wolfe, paleo/guru puts it: "Look, feel, and perform!"

Maybe there are too many photos of the author, but it is a short ebook, and I suppose it needs a little visual interest. Anyhow, I LOVE the book, and think it is a short, easily assimilated version of what could be an overly complex subject!

This book, and the links it includes, are cyber GOLD for the average modern human, who is drowning in bad diet, deceitful information, and lousy exercise advice.

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