Pandora Driver: The Origin Pandora Driver: The Origin

Pandora Driver: The Origin

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Publisher Description

It was the 1930s. The avarice of the elite had plunged the United States into the Great Depression. Class warfare was being waged, and someone was about to

Young Betty McDougal discovered how hard life could be when her family was evicted from their farm and forced to live in a Citadel City shelter. They struggled to survive. It was a time of desperation, sin and lessons Betty didn't want to learn. Her life felt pointless until a mysterious stranger delivered an ominous black car to her. It transformed her.

Pandora Driver became the relentless avenger of the common man, sifting right from wrong in a realm where the villains were the local gentry and the heroes were outlaws. Pandora was a mistress of disguise who used sly audacity and an unstoppable Car-of Tomorrow to unleash chaos into the halls of wealth and power. She infiltrated their ranks and adopted their methods to usurp them. Her fight was the fight of the ages. Her time was in the past, but the problems were the same blights facing society today.

Sometimes her actions were unsettling. Battling sin in the filth where it resides can dirty even the purest hearts; the good old days we remember in monochrome were lived in color. In a time when good and evil was simply black and white, Pandora lived in the gray area.

Pandora Driver: The Origin, is a retro-hero tale for mature readers. It ain't Shakespeare. It's pure Pulp!

Fiction & Literature
March 17
John Picha
John W Picha

Customer Reviews

ArtofNor ,

Great Stuff!!

In one way the main character is like a Batgirl gone bad and comes a little unhinged pursuing what she sees as justice. In another way, Pandora is a good samaritan who slides in and out of stranger’s lives performing good deeds, but with a catch. To the ruling class of the city, she is a nightmare behind the wheel of a big @##, indestructible car.

The story is set during the great depression and the golden age of comic and pulp magazines. It's paced like a comicbook and there are a lot of neat little comic winks hidden throughout the adventure. The fight scenes are brutal, the details are engaging and plot reveals kept me interested though out. This ebook also includes slick illustrations of Pandora’s car (a Phantom Corsair) that might make you want one.

Buffy $ ,

Perseverance, Lipstick Feminism, Revenge.

Perseverance + Lipstick Feminism + Revenge = a delectable recipe for an uncommon heroine. As a woman I found myself in awe and disgust of what Pandora Driver was willing to do to accomplish her mission. Yet, I couldn't put this ebook down for long. Looking forward to her second adventure.

AEDucheau ,

Forget Occupying Wall Street...

...Pandora Driver runs big business off the road and kicks it square in the teeth.

Drawing inspiration from classic comic book super heroes, bathed in the harsh back-lighting of film noir, Pandora takes us from the smokey backrooms of hopping speakeasies to the gilded opulence of dusty boardrooms. Truly a new pulp heroine plucked from the ranks of the proletariat, Pandora rises up from the gutter to defend those who can ill-afforded to defend themselves.

Pandora Driver makes for a sexy and thoughtful read, filled with clever dieselpunk tech and engaging characters. As the first chapter of a high-adrenaline series, I look forward to Pandora's continuing adventures.

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