Papaya Paltrow, The Psychic and The Time Machine Papaya Paltrow, The Psychic and The Time Machine

Papaya Paltrow, The Psychic and The Time Machine

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    • $2.99

Publisher Description

Meet Farrah Sniderman, the heroine of Eliza Gale’s mixed genre tale, Papaya Paltrow, The Psychic and The Time Machine. This Hollywood based, fake psychic finds herself forced to move in with a roommate in the valley after her business has gone belly up due to a scathing online expose written by her ex-boyfriend.
While snooping through her handsome new roommate’s personal effects she finds a time machine in his closet. At first she thinks it’s a phony, but she soon discovers that it really can transport her back and forth in time.
Instead of using the machine to kill Hitler, stop people from getting on the Titanic or prevent any other major disaster, she decides to make her own life better, by using the machine to travel to the past and make sure that she never meets her ex-boyfriend. Once this is accomplished and her psychic business is alive and well again and she uses the machine to predict the future by traveling back and forth in time. Soon she finds herself the psychic to the stars.
In the pages that follow, Farrah travels from one adventure to the next. She reads tarot cards and does psychic readings for everyone from A list starlets and singers to Bernie Sanders himself. Everything is going great until she travels too far into the future and finds herself trapped in an America that has become a dangerous positive thinking theocracy lead by the heiress Papaya Paltrow.
Farrah’s journey through time is populated by a host of characters: the cynical starlet Tamera who doubts Farrah at first but eventually befriends her; the insomniac pop star, who wants a good strategy for humiliating her ex-boyfriend in public; a positive thinking cyber stalker, who thinks he can make a girl love him just by wanting her badly enough; a futuristic band of hippies who are traveling to San Francisco in 2041 to join the cities succession from America and most importantly, a sixty three year old version of herself.

Fiction & Literature
July 15
Eliza Gale
Draft2Digital, LLC

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