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It's hard enough being a teenager - without someone wanting your soul.

Book Two - PARAGON: Seven kids - total strangers - inexorably connected through space and time, each unaware of their unique gift. A gift so precious, the fate of the universe depends on it.

Fresh from the realisation that they are no ordinary kids, Jax, Ceci, Starr, Hadi, Harmony, Ming & Xi and Shai slowly awake to the nightmare of the war they're embroiled in. Louis Ortega is not your average nemesis: hell-bent on his pursuit of Nirvana, his own private heaven and life everlasting, he will go to any lengths to realise his dream, and he has a powerful weapon – An unshakeable belief that he is God.

With Harmony, and twins Xi & Ming Po entombed in the vats beneath The Institute and Ortega unleashing his latest soul-draining monster in the form of a virtual game, Psycho Delix, Shai and the other kids must find their way to their crystal cities with only their individual gifts and the residue of a computer program known as PARAGON as their guides.

Ortega may be all-powerful and about to suck the life force from billions of children around the world, but they have something he doesn't - each other.

Alone, they are nothing, together, they might just save the world.

International best-seller SAFFINA DESFORGES & KAREN OSBORNE bring you the second book in a series like no other.

"Answer, my children - answer as if your heart would break. Answer the shades, the hues, the petrol blues. Answer the call...of Indigo."

AWAKENINGS is out now. NIRVANA is coming soon. LOST ONES, SIREN'S SONG & THE LAST CHORD will follow.

Young Adult
January 8
Saffina Desforges
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